end of the week exfoliation

This week’s exfoliation was both obvious and a bit tricky. It is obvious that I should pass on this camera to someone who could use it because I have gotten a new, better camera. Since I only use one camera, I only need one camera. Duh.

But then this little voice in the back of my head said “this old camera might still be good, you haven’t tried replacing the batteries to see if it still works.” Seriously? I don’t need an old camera because it might work with new batteries. Someone else can use it, or I will recycle it at an electronic recycling site, either way it’s time to exfoliate!

PS. A few people have mentioned they have also begun exfoliating their stuff once a week. If you would like to get rid of the dead fluff in your life as well, please send me a picture of what you are getting rid of and I will post it each week (with a link to your blog)! Who knows, maybe we can get a little Exfoliation Group going.
Email jess@jesslc.com.

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  1. Danny

    I tried to give away my camera once. It didn’t work. I’ve been trying to think of what to get rid of. Maybe I’ll get rid of the hundreds of CD cases that sit empty. I only hold onto them for sentimental reasons… we’ll see. I may just cop out and throw out these ugly coffee mugs I got as a present once.

  2. PS~Erin

    Okay, I love this idea (and I just think you're blog is so great)! I'm in the midst of a closet overhaul and finding it so hard to decide the fate of my stuff. I am going to try to adopt your terms & attitude (exfoliate & makeunder) in my quest. Should make it a bit easier, hopefully.

    I found your blog by reading Delight by Design. So enjoyed reading through it just now! Happy Friday!

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