end of the week exfoliation

Happy weekend! I hope you have something wonderful planned.

I will be at Macy’s doing a trunk show today 11-5. This weekend I’ll be flying solo as Erwin visits Ann Arbor for the Michigan/Ohio State football game. Which means perhaps some more decorating may be in store… CB2 is having a sale at their North Ave. location – if I bring in five canned goods for a food drive, I can get 15% off my purchase of these great lamps. Which are perhaps a good fit for the studio and eventually the bedroom?

End of the Week Exfoliation


” Three pairs of AE jeans that I bought on sale but never quite fit right (even though I kept denying it…..). Lesson learned!”



This lamp has been with me since college. At some point in the past I ended up putting my Grandma’s vintage pins on the shade. It was quite a hit on Apartment Therapy a few years ago, but lately with my new modern interior I have found it a bit too vintage for me. So I saved the pins and put the lamp in my apartment building’s laundry room with a sticky note message saying “free.” So now it has a fresh new start.

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  1. Freck

    Love your blog! I’m from Chicago as well so it’s an extra special touch that you live here, too ūüôā Your jewelry is beautiful! Looks like I’ll be picking up a couple of pieces for Christmas presents, and maybe some for myself!

  2. Jess

    @ Freck: I’m so glad you like the jewelry and blog. Let me know when I can help you with your Christmas present shopping :).

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