end of the week exfoliation

Good morning and happy Black Friday to you! Though I slept in (and slept off my cheesecake coma), I am up and ready to do an impromptu trunk show at Macy’s (I mention these a lot, just in case you happen to be able to stop by!) from 11-5. So if you happen to be hunting sales on State St, I’ll be in the Designers of Chicago section near the elevators. Oh, and if you happen to have any Macy’s coupons, those count on the jewelry at the trunk show as well.

Or, if you want to stay in your jammies and shop online, my first ever Black Friday sale is going on now. Until Tuesday there will be free shipping on all domestic orders and 40% off all styles that are over $100. Happy shopping (and saving)!

End of the Week Exfoliation


“Three pairs of suit pants, two suit jackets and a flimsy but cute top — none of it fits quite right anymore, and doesn’t feel like its my style. If anyone is a size 12 and needs some hardly-used workwear, let me know! (Two wool pants are size 12 from Martin+Osa, grey pants size 8 from Ann Taylor, and Romy shirt size large. ”



“I finally got rid of this media storage unit after hanging onto it for over 4 years since embracing a tv-free lifestyle.  I felt as light as air when it was gone, and I’m loving how bright and airy our living room feels now!”

Lisa of ModEcoKIDS

Although I don’t specifically look for a weekly exfoliation (love the idea though, just not committed enough), I do focus on getter rid of stuff.  I took a trip to Goodwill bringing many goodies. One being a prom dress from my junior prom from 23 years ago.  I have no clue why I have carted the dress with me for 23 years.  In addition to the dress was a picture that has sat in the closet for years, a broken clock and a vegetable strainer.   It was the most wonderful, freeing experience driving away from Goodwill after my donation.”
Here my latest exfoliation. It’s a yellow Benetton suitcase that has literally been around the world (To China about 6 times, to Greece, and back and forth between both coasts!). My boyfriend and I are exfoliating it because we bought new luggage. I hope it finds a new home!”


These bottles of nude nail polish are nice, but I don’t really like the colors enough to keep them. Instead, I got my favorite Essie color, Ballet Slippers to replace these two so-so tones. Now I am slightly less tempted to get manicures each week since I can use the same polish at home.

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  1. Eva

    Hey! I wish I would have checked ur blog out earlier! Will you be having another trunk show in Dec?

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