end of the week exfoliation

Happy weekend! I can’t believe things flying by so quickly again! This weekend I will be taking time off of work to relax. I’ll be going to my favorite weight class, Power Flex at my gym this morning, and I have date night with Erwin for dinner.

End of the Week Exfoliation


“We are currently selling our wireless router on Craigslist.”



“I’m moving and trying to be conscious of what I move with me. This music box church was something I bought my Grandma in my 20’s and when she passed on it was given back to me. With the picture of it I’ll be able to share the memory without the actual item in my possession.”



This chair used to be my office chair until I got my cute new white one. Now this puppy needs to find a new home. Any takers in the Chicago area? I will put it down in my building’s laundry room with a “free” sign on it if no one comments to claim and pick up the chair by Sunday night.

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  1. Emily

    Hi Jess, My name is Emily and I live in Lincoln Park, just started reading your blog a week or two ago, I really love it. My roommate and best friend has been looking for a desk chair since we moved here seven months ago! This is just her style . . .can we come pick it up? My email is kinskeye@gmail.com, let me know, I would love to surprise her with it! Thanks for keeping up this inspiring blog!

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