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Ah! I need to get a move on if I want to make it to my favorite class in the world (Power Flex, at Bally’s). I gotta get out of here, but check out the awesome exfoliations for this week. If you look carefully, one of the exfoliations is becoming famous in an upcoming movie!

Please note: exfoliations without images are welcome, but will not qualify as a chance to win the giveaway giveaway prize ($40 Jess LC gift certificate).

End of the Week Exfoliation

“This is bag #2 of my “surely I don’t need to take all this stuff with me when I move” cleanout. Purses, hats, lamp, etc. donated to a local thrift store.”


“I have had my laptop from college, which I haven’t touched in 5 years, sitting under the desk of my office.  I always had the intention of clearing the files and donating it.  Today I found an organization (http://interconnection.org) that accepts donated computers, removes the data and refurbishes them for people and communities all around the world!  Right now they are collecting computers for Haiti!  They also give you a shipping label, so all you have to do is pack it up!  I feel so happy to have gotten rid of it and given it to a useful cause, especially in such a difficult time for Haiti.” (no image)


“Old pair of sneakers – saving for working around the yard – I’ll never wear them – tossed.” (no image)


“The twin bed we had in our guest room/office. Since the new sofa is a sleeper, we decided to ditch the bed. After multiple dropped sales, we found a winner. Our bed was purchased by a production company for an independent horror film! They’re filming in an old hospital on the South Side. It’s about college students that participate in a psych study gone crazy. Search for “The Removed” on imbd.com in the future.”


These two shirts have hung, unworn, for the last two years. I see them and feel a twinge of guilt each time I look in my closet. So I finally tried them on, realized I don’t like the fit, and now they are getting donated. Buh-bye guilt and hello new life for the work shirts.

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