end of the week exfoliation

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Good morning and good TGIF! I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty excited about the weekend. Some weeks I find the days just fly by. Others, not so much (like this one).

I’m also pumped about hosting a Super Bowl “Sundae” party in a few days. Since I’m not much of a cook, desserts and ice cream are definitely on the menu. I hope you have a chance to sit back and take in the commercials or football, whichever is more entertaining to you.

End of the Week Exfoliation

“Old jacket of my grandfathers – saving for sentimental purposes.  Realized I don’t need the jacket to have fond memories. I’m giving it to someone who needs it for warmth.” (no image)


“This flat screen computer monitor and speakers are going to my father in law for his photography business. They have been sitting in our office collecting dust for far too long- and I now have a reason to redecorate!”

Here is bag #3 of my pre-move cleanout. This was more of a challenge as even though I have no problem exfoliating items from my apartment in general, the one thing I never want to get rid of is books. But thinking about how many boxes my books will require in the move, I selected a bag full that aren’t my favorites and gave them away.”

“This suitcase has been all around the world (Canada, Singapore, Czech Republic) but it is now falling apart. I now have a suitcase that is in better condition, so its time to exfoliate this one.”
“In my recent decluttering efforts I’ve been targeting the things I own personally (as opposed to household stuff) to whittle down my possessions to things I absolutely cherish.  These books made it through several previous decluttering sessions, but not this time!  Although I loved looking at the photos for inspiration, I can find similar material online via blogs and flickr so I no longer feel the need to own these books.”
At first I was clueless as to what I was going to exfoliate this week. “Maybe I’ve finally reached an end to exfoliations” I thought. Not so. I remembered that the studio’s closet has been getting (relatively) crowded and I was sure there were things that could be passed on. And lo and behold this seat cushion, purchased for my old desk chair, no longer serves a purpose in my life.

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  1. i always loved this series, but i’m chuckling at the PBK anywhere chair poking out in the photo!

  2. Andi

    i love the weekly exfoliation. i found your blog via spring which i found via some other blog that I cannot remember. i’m reading it over a cup of tea and completely enjoying myself. thanks!

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