end of the week exfoliation

I know, this exfoliation is arguably at the beginning of a new week. But with Valentine’s Day festivities yesterday, I didn’t get around to posting. Instead, Erwin took me to a new Chinese restaurant out in Logan Square called Friendship which has the worlds best pot stickers. I highly recommend trying it if you live in Chicago. (They deliver, too.)

End of the Week Exfoliation

“A large painting of The Last Supper that was previously in my grandparents home.   I’ve donated it to a local catholic school to be placed on their campus.  They were pleased to receive this gift and I will feel better knowing more individuals will enjoy it.  (my grandparents had given me a smaller copy for my home and I certainly did not need both of them)” [no image]


“4 purses, 2 wallets and some makeup bag thingy are going off to Goodwill.”


“I bought 3 new pair of shoes this week. Out with the old, in with the new. Anytime I buy something new, I make sure to get rid of something! It makes for a much more manageable closet.”


“Why is it so hard to get rid of clothes…that don’t even make us look good?!  Well, practice makes perfect…maybe next week, it will be easier!”


“A bag full of impulse buys that I realized later were mistakes…. Happily, all the items still had tags and receipts, so they’ve all gone back to the stores from which they came!”
“A plush teddy bear that says “hug me, squeeze me” when his paw is pushed. Pretty cute. He’s new and clean and everything; just not my thing. Please comment to claim him. I’m going to ask for $10 for shipping via Paypal.”
This boyfriend cardigan from J.Crew was nice and long… before I washed the “dry clean only” garment. Now it’s shrunken beyond repair. So I went to LOFT and got a similar blush colored cardigan on sale this week. (Which fits better than this one ever did.)

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  1. Susan

    melissa has fabulous taste in shoes!!! i love those ones by mudd on the bottom left!

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