end of the week exfoliation

The weekend! I can almost taste it. Though this week certainly had it’s lulls for me, I made some pretty big headway on creating the (personal) life that I want. I’m learning to own my truth and follow my gut without fear of non-support. It’s both liberating and emotionally draining. I’m hoping a weekend of rest and reflection will help me pick up the pace next week. After all, I have a spring Jess LC photo shoot to prepare for next Friday!

End of the Week Exfoliation

“I started collecting mason jars before our wedding, and we hardly used any.  They’ve been collecting dust in a closet, which was driving my husband nuts.  So, I offered to drop them off to a blogger in UT this weekend.”


“These exfoliations were a two-step process. After years of just buying a few clothing pieces at a time, I gifted myself a little tax-refund-inspired shopping spree this weekend. So, that meant I had to make room in my closet for everything. I made three piles: “maybes,” throw away, and donate. I let them sit for three days and reviewed the “maybe” pile. I was able to give up all but one thing in the “maybe” pile after realizing I had so many better-fitting, more flattering pieces that are well-suited to my needs now. I can’t say I miss anything I decided to toss! Next step: Shoes!”


“In addition to a few tired tops and accessories, I had put aside a couple of bottles of perfume and scented lotions, as well as a leather wallet, to donate. At the last minute I almost kept them because they they were all gifts and I felt bad giving them away. Truth is, they don’t really reflect my taste and a couple of the scents actually give me a headache – yet, I kept them for a couple of years, barely used. Finally, thanks to your Makeunder principle, I realized someone else would be better off with them, and now I have more space in my vanity for the scents I really love.”


Full disclosure: I’m great at exfoliating regularly, but I’m not quite as good about donating regularly. This is Erwin and my (grammar?) “to be donated” basket full of clothing to be dropped at the White Elephant. The basket itself is this week’s exfoliation. Once the snow melts, these things will be out of our lives.

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  1. My mom and I planned a garage sale this year to make a little extra dough. So, since Christmas, we both have been making piles in our basements of things to sell or donate.

  2. Abbie

    I’m the same way… it takes me eons to actually get them TO the donation center!

  3. oh DANG! I need a collection of mason jars for a party I’m throwing. See? Anyone’s trash is always *someone’s* treasure!

  4. Kelley

    These are some great exfoliations!

    “This is Erwin and my (grammar?) “to be donated” basket…”
    That grammar point always messes me up too. Me and Erwin’s? Erwin and mine? Erwin and my’s? Our?

  5. Jillian

    This might sound like a stupid question, but does anyone know if most donation centers take scented lotions, etc., that have been opened? Like Flavia, I have a few bottles of scented things that are unused gifts. I’ve used them once or twice and realized I don’t care for them, but they’re cluttering up my closet. Should I try to donate them? Or just toss them?

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