end of the week exfoliation

So it seems these exfoliation posts are more and more often popping up on Sundays rather than Fridays or Saturdays. So much for the “end of the week” portion. At least we all get the idea.

I hope you are enjoying some time off with friends and family. I know I’ll be having fun and thinking of anything but work.

End of the Week Exfoliation

“We also gave this box of random stuff to the Brown Elephant. It contained kitchen stuff from old roommates, unnecessary wedding shower presents (including an awful smelling candle), an old camera, and other chotchkies.”


I have a lot of extra gym equipment so I’m going to do away with them not sure to whom or how, but they need a new home.”

Sarah T.

“These are items that I have never or rarely worn.  My friend and I are going to be doing a bit of an exfoliation swap, but I am determined to get rid of more than I take in!”


“I decided to do some spring cleaning over the weekend in honor of the official arrival of spring and realized what an ridiculous amount of shoes I own that I don’t even wear!  These shoes are now bagged and sitting at m front door to be donated so someone else can enjoy them.”


“I love the pop of color that this spring coat adds to an outfit…but I don’t love the unflattering fit. It’s still in great condition, so I’m putting it in my “Clothes Swap” box for the next time my girls and I get together for some wine and clothing exchange action.”


“Ten more out the door.  Most of them are size 7 1/2.  All but 5, 7, and 10 could use a new home. The aforementioned trio have had their day.”

S.E. Minegar

I found this old eye glass case/glasses case in my linen closet. At which point I realized it was for my old glasses and does not fit my new glasses or sunglasses. Which means this puppy doesn’t have a place in my life. Buh-bye.

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