end of the week exfoliation

Happy Easter! I woke up this morning to a pink and purple basket of chocolate goodies a la Erwin which has pretty much made my day. Not to mention the weather here in Chicago is ideal for being outside. Which means I’m a pretty happy camper today. I hope your weekend was equally as beautiful and chocolaty.

End of the Week Exfoliation

“I took two full trash bags of clothing to Goodwill. Since I took them before I got a picture, here is a pic of an empty dresser drawer :D”


“My husband I have had the same towels since we met…five years ago. Since then, they’ve been through many a wash & dry, camping trip, several different apartments, etc. and are now getting pretty tattered and threadbare in places. But instead of throwing them away (I don’t think they’re donate quality), I’m going to exfoliate them from our bathroom and use them for post-dog-park clean up :)”


I need to get it in my head that J.Crew pants just don’t fit me right.  I’m finally getting rid of 3 pairs that never really worked.”


I weeded out some old makeup and samples that I either 1.) haven’t used in years or 2.) never used (and have had for years) but thought I might use them one day. Can you say gross? Think of all the bacteria and crud growing in those! I also exfoliated two cosmetics bags that came as free bonus gifts. I haven’t donated the bags yet, so if anyone wants the green one to use as a clutch, I’ll set up a payment for shipping through Paypal. There aren’t any logos on the outside.”


“I plan on a big spring clean-out this week.  But I cleaned out my classroom last week (or started to) and this is what I already got rid of!  It feels so great!”


This has always been tight on me so it’s been worn maybe once.”


“I finally decided to go through my piles and piles of saved magazines.  It’s amazing how adamant I was that I needed to keep them, but I never opened them.  I pulled out the pages I wanted to save and ended up purging 50 mags.  Hauling them to recycling wasn’t as easy.”


Confession: I totally ripped off Abbie’s magazine exfoliation and used it myself as well. What a great idea. I have sat and looked at these magazines in my bookshelf since 2009, and I always say “one day I’ll read them again and tear out the pages I want to keep.” But really? I haven’t found time in the past five months to do that? Time to get these puppies into the recycling bin.

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  1. Bridget

    Instead of recycling old magazines, think of donating them to your local YMCA/gym/nursing home…they’re always in need of reading material, and this way someone else will use it!

  2. I donate my magazines (after removing my subscription label) to our high school art department. They still do collage projects and are constantly in need of the great glossy photos they provide.

  3. I try to do my magazine purge once a month otherwise it’s just too daunting. I actually look forward to going through them all and ripping out the ideas I wanted to keep.

  4. Anna

    Hospitals too are always looking for donated magazines and books so patients can read them.

  5. tiffany

    I am about to do a HUGE purge of magazines. I’m nervous with excitement!

  6. Francesca

    I just donated my Yoga mags to the gym. I was going to cut out all the zen pictures but then couldn’t be bothered. Our gym magazines are soooo fally-apart ( and not to mention gutter-press ), that I simply had to donate some new ones !

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