end of the week exfoliation

Whoa, Nellie. We have a lot of exfoliations this week. I’m not sure if it’s spring (cleaning) fever, or the new bonus Giveaway Giveaway prize, Speed Decorating by Jill Vegas. It feels great to know that we are all exfoliating these things which are no longer needed in our lives.

End of the Week Exfoliation

“And I cleaned out my jewelry. It’s all from target but a friend wants them and is taking me to coffee to get them!”


“These items have been clogging up my kitchen drawers for months…but not anymore! Say goodbye to a pair of garden gloves that I got for free but are much too large, two Glade plug ins that just don’t work, a bag of magnets and an old calorie counter book; all are headed for donation.”


“These tops have seen better days!”


“I cleaned out my classroom last week (or started to) and this is what I already got rid of!  It feels so great!”


“I actually don’t have a clue what this is for, only that it was very cute when I was purchasing it. It’s been unused for at least five years.”


“I had been saving boxes to use to mail my Ebay sales, but I decided to take a break from listing items back in January.  I finally decided to break all of the boxes down and take them to recycling.  I can easily find more when I decide to start listing again.  When my husband saw me loading my car with the boxes, he mentioned he was going to call the show Hoarders and tell them not to come now.  (The two big boxes were filled with packing peanuts alone… yikes!)”


“This is a picture of a diaper bag I got at my baby shower over a year ago. I used the bag for a couple months but the strap drove me crazy. My cousin has a 6 week old and made a comment recently about how much she loved the bag. I decided to exfoliate the bag to her since it was just taking up room in my daughters closet.”


“All of these clothes fall into one of two categories. Either something I wore a TON, but don’t find myself wearing post-grad, or something I talked myself into buying in a dressing room somewhere and then never actually wore. All in good condition and already exfoliated to Goodwill!”


“I finally tackled my makeup drawer.  I found a few things buried in there that I’ll start using again, but also a whole lot of stuff that is headed for the garbage.”


I finally tackled my makeup drawer.  I found a few things buried in there that I’ll start using again, but also a whole lot of stuff that is headed for the garbage.”


“My friend just got engaged last weekend. She gave me this wedding planning book when I got engaged, so I’m gifting it and the “wedding” piggy bank to her as she plans her wedding. The hand towels will be given to charity since they don’t match our decor.”


These khakis are from high school. I have to admit that they are from a very different weight in my life and I’ve been keeping them tucked away for when I’m back to that size. But the reality is, that I haven’t fit into them since sometime in college. It’s time that I let these puppies go. If I get back to that size in the future, I’ll reward myself with a new pair of pants.

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  1. Jessica

    I love this post. It feels amazing to purge unwanted and unused items – which I should really do soon, too!

  2. Ann

    I keep forgetting to send my photos. I managed to get rid of 50 items in March! Yay! Thank you Jess for the inspiration. I am continuing to purge in April and have already donated four file boxes of books, two TV/VCR’s, an antique lamp and candelabra and more clothes and shoes!

  3. what a great post! i feel a bit more inspired to “exfoliate” myself. it’s definitely time for some spring cleaning:)


  4. Francesca

    I love this site. I feel that everything I read, sounds like the things I think myself. I have listed over 300 + things on Ebay in the last month as a way of ” exfoliating “. Keep up the great work, Francesca, Australia 🙂

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