end of the week exfoliation

What a great weekend. Lots of relaxing, eating (at the new Nella’s in Lincoln Park on Clark – so good!), walking, and shopping. I hope you had a good few days of rest as well. I’ve also been playing around with my new hair cut which was pretty dramatic (you can see a pic below as my ‘exfoliation’).

End of the Week Exfoliation

“Goodbye to winter and to ill-fitting sweater tops!”


“I cleaned out my classroom last week (or started to) and this is what I already got rid of!  It feels so great!”


“Something from my childhood that I have no use for now, but I wonder if other children might?”


“These are miscellaneous items that I’ve been given and have been shuffling around ever since. Nothing wrong with any of it, just not my style. Already exfoliated to Goodwill!”


“Headbands that I never use. A purse I bought off of a street vendor in Italy in 2006. A picture frame we got as an engagement gift but just doesn’t really fit our style.”


This weeks “cleansed” item has some sentimental attachment and is one that I have been holding on to for quite some time. However, it no longer fits and I can’t even tell you the last time I wore it. So…away it goes. I am excited to find a new a better home for it.”


“My daughter is only a year old yet has about 25 stuffed animals. I went through them and am going to donate half to a local pregnancy center.”


“I’ve decided to sell my collection of Frankie magazines (an Australian art/music/fashion mag) and my barely used yoga mat on Ebay.  Someone’s already bought the mags for $50!”


“After the earthquake in Haiti, I found out that our local Salvation Army was collecting clothes & household items as part of the relief effort. My boyfriend and I decided to clean out our closets and donate whatever clothes we could to the cause. We managed to scrounge up everything you see in the photo. By the time we loaded everything into the car we had six hefty bags full. Its amazing what you can let go of when you think about what purpose it could serve for someone else.”


“My boyfriend is a Sox fan and I am tired of hiding this bag…I am sure my friend Liz (hardcore Cubs fan) will give it a better life.”


“I try to go through my closet every six months and purge.  It was that time of year again…  I was amazed at how much I was willing to part with.”


Out of the blue last week I scheduled a hair cut and twenty minutes later I donated about 8-10″ of hair to Locks for Love. Though the chop was completely spur of the moment, I’m adjusting to the new look. Overall, I’d like to grow it out to my shoulders, but it’s nice to know that this graduated bob helped a good cause.

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  1. Freck

    LOVE the haircut!!!! Looks wonderful, I’m bummed I didn’t see that trunk sale flier earlier! Hope it went well 🙂

  2. Jill

    Jess! Oh my! I just love the new cut! What a fun change up for spring. I hope you are enjoying it – looks great on you!

  3. Elena

    LOVE the haircut! And yay for Locks for Love 🙂 P.S. Watched the “Best Day Ever” video—such an awesome way to showcase your gorgeous jewelry.

  4. Karena

    Great job of exfoliating! You have realy inspired me, Jess!!

    I have a new post and interview up I think you will enjoy!

    Art by Karena

  5. Stephanie

    Super cute hair!!! Perfect for summer! I donated my hair to locks of love about 3 years ago and I still remember the first time I washed my hair after the cut- my hands kept trying to grab more hair, but it was gone! Good for you!!!!

  6. Diane

    omg, jess, congrats on the haircut, it really fits your face well 🙂

  7. The haircut is super cute! Sometimes, I still have second guesses about my shorter hair, but then I get a compliment and decide to forget that second guessing. 🙂 And locks of love is a great reason to give away your hair!

  8. Anna

    I love your new haircut. Just in time for spring. You look very chic and sophisticated!

  9. Eva’s comment about hiding the Cubs bag made me laugh.

    LOVE the hair. I chopped mine off this weekend too, to just about the same length! Mine wasn’t long enough to donate though. It looks great, and doesn’t it feel wonderful? My head feels about four pounds lighter!

  10. I know I’m a little late on this but since I’m new reader and I’m going through your archives, I thought I’d comment anyway. I think this haircut is darling on you. It completely changes your looks and is fabulous!

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