end of the week exfoliation

What a quiet weekend it’s been. With the rainy, gloomy weather, Erwin and I stayed inside most of the weekend. We ordered in pizza last night and today he’s at the Bulls/Cavs game with a friend. Which leaves me with a Sunday afternoon all to myself. I think the next few hours might just include baking banana bread (I’m going to try to add two or three over-ripe bananas to the Trader Joe Banana Bread mix I bought this morning, hopefully the result is a success).

End of the Week Exfoliation

“I will miss this pretty little dress, but I haven’t looked good in it since the reason I bought it: my college graduation.  Time to be honest with myself :)”


I got this in a concert goodie bag and have since wondered when it could be used.”


“A box of old clothes that I have been moving from box to box and closet to closet without wearing or touching for at least 3 years. Time to say bye. Most of the tops are just too short…I have a long torso and never realized that there were certain clothes and tops that just didn’t work for my body. A few Halloween costumes are in there too.”


“It was that time of year again…  I was amazed at how much I was willing to part with.  Clothing purge = hanger purge.”


“Here is the rest of my Spring “cleansing” project. I tried to be very honest with my wardrobe decisions and I think I made some good progress. Afterwards, I took my stash of giveaway’s to some friends at church and I think they found some things that they could really use. It’s so nice to know my cast aways found a good home. :)”


“Here is some random stuff I cleaned off my office shelf.”


These pillows are a blah blah microfiber and have over the course of the past several years been worn down and flattened. And since I got new pillows for our couch from Be Still and Honey Pie Designs, I don’t need these guys sitting around here ruining the pretty.

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  1. That dress is so lovely but I understand your reason for getting rid of it. So often we tell ourselves, “I’ll need this dress in case I’m invited to a 50s/Hawaiian/spacesuit party,” but the truth is we’ll never go to one of those and thus we’ll never need it. I’m moving across the country in 3 months and I’ve been purging as though 2012 was this summer. It’s an exhilarating feeling to know that 1.you’re cleaning your space and 2. you’re helping others by sending your possessions to goodwill. I’m enamoured with your blog and I’m really eager to see how your future jewelry success continues to soar.

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