end of the week exfoliation

Here are this week’s exfoliations. Several people have mentioned they keep forgetting to submit their items, so I am going to make it easier going forward. To submit your exfoliation and be entered in the Giveaway Giveaway, send me your photos any day you want. The following Friday your item will be posted and will officially enter you to win the giveaway. So you can go home tonight/this weekend/whenever and snap a picture, write a sentence, and email me (jess@jesslc.com). I will keep your entry and post it the following Friday. Easy as pie.

(Sorry, happen to have pie on the brain – I am going to enjoy a piece at Noble Tree in exactly three hours and twenty-three minutes.)


“I am choosing to get rid of this back pack.  Even though it was behind me (literally!) all through out my college years I believe it is time to let go.  I do love it, it’s the perfect size for my size, but it started to rip and I don’t use it much.  I have traded the student back pack for a lap top bag which carries my new essentials (laptop, lunch, work id, and cell).  Thanks Jansport for having my back and adios!”


exfoliationsweaterThis sweater brings my total exfoliation count for this week alone to 51 items including the Throw Out Fifty Things challenge. Realizing that my end of the week exfoliation in the course of a year was going to amount to 52 (one thing a week) things – almost equaling this week’s tally alone, was eyeopening. For someone who loves to ‘pass things on’ I sure have a lot of stuff if I can do this so easily! Might mean I need to “up the anty.” (Come to think of it, what does that phrase even mean?)

And if any one is interested the sweater is a 100% cotton, size small, Gap circa 2003. If anyone is interested in owning the peachy top let me know. As always, 5 bucks for shipping.

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