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There are a lot of exfoliations here, something tells me that the organiK Revolution giveaway might be slightly to blame. This batch is an eclectic bunch including a salad spinner and human hair. Isn’t hair a great exfoliation idea? Wait, let me preface this by saying only head hair counts (let’s keep this rated G, folks). By the way, did you see Kristin on The Fashion Show last night?

evacandleThis has been a very busy week at work… but I was not going to let that stop me from doing my end of the week exfoliation!  I might not have had lots of time to exfoliate, but I was sure if I took ONE minute to look around I was going to find something…and I did!  Here is this candle…the remains of a candle.  My BF gave it to me to relax me at this busy time of the month…and boy did I put it to use!  It’s almost done…so I figured I would toss it and maybe that would give him the hint to get me a new one ;)  If that doesn’t work…well then I’ll just send him this link! Adios candle!


sarahhairThis week I decided to exfoliate my hair.  I have had long hair for the past 5 or so years and I decided that it was time for a new summer do!  It was taking me FOREVER for blow dry and style my long hair so I had it chopped!  Bye bye long hair, hello summer!!!


jillsaladspinnerHere is my exfoliation!  A salad spinner from IKEA…  I bought this in college, haven’t used it in probably 6+ years, but have some how still “moved” it along with me over the past 10 years six or seven times!  Why am I holding on to this?!?!


tamarawaterbottlesMy exfoliation are six water bottles — some brand new! — that have been sitting in my cabinet, unused, for months.


timshoesI’ve had these shoes for three years. I wore them nearly every day. And when I wasn’t wearing them, my roommate was. They’ve done plenty of dancing and plenty of lounging. But lately, they’d gotten so awfully beaten up that they received regular commentary from friends and strangers alike. Finally, they ripped apart to the point where they were no longer functional as shoes. It’s time to say goodbye, visit Zappos, find the exact same pair and start the process once again.


exfoliationshoesSo these shoes are cute, but over time the leather has stretched and now they repeatedly flip off my feet – causing some precious moments on the sidewalk. Plus, I went to Nine West today and replaced these puppies with a new pair, so they are outta here!

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  1. Jill

    So fun! This week I have been finding so many more things, I may be more eligible for the “get rid of 50 things” that you did recently rather than only a weekly exfoliation!

  2. I too have been editing and donating or passing unwanted items to others.
    It feels like a weight is lifted each time I pass something forward.
    I am trying to edit my wardrobe for summer. Just a few items.

  3. Eva

    Hey! I just saw “The Fashion Show” on Bravotv.com and was Kristin wearing one of your necklaces?! Awesome!

  4. Jess

    @ Jill: Nice! Let me know how your 50 Things goes! It will feel sooo good!

    @ PVE: I totally agree.

    @ Eva: Yep! Good eye! She was wearing the layering necklace from Rush St.

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