end of the week exfoliation

All these lovely ladies exfoliated this week and are now in the running for this month’s Giveaway Giveaway prize. Want to get in on the exfoliation action? See the details here.

Oh, and have a great Memorial Day weekend! I’ll be baking mac and cheese for a BBQ on Saturday.


“I love these boots, but have worn them completely out…so much so that the heels no longer have soles.”

Suzanne C.


“Here you go…An overview of what I’m exfoliating… a tablecloth that doesn’t fit my dining room but I’m too lazy to drive 1/2 hour to TJ Maxx to return since it only cost $10 (and goodwill comes to our neighborhood once a month for pick ups!), shoes that I had to buy as a bridesmaid that all the other bridesmaids thought were super comfy but never fit me just so, shoes I “designed” at a design your own purse place in Chicago — the samples in the store fit great but the ones that came my way (nearly 2 months late!) never did.  I put so much effort into getting them delivered, I thought I needed to keep them and wear them, despite the fact that they never fit well, a vase that came with a beautiful flower arrangement my MIL sent when I got a big award at work (isn’t she sweet?!?) and a free giveaway bag from a beauty promo at a department store…”

Kate W.


“I’m on a roll! This week I donated some old frames and posters. They seemed sentimental at the time (a poster from our trip to the Utah Olympics), but I realized the memory is better than a dusty, unused poster.”



“So, the stars have apparently aligned because you happen to be having a contest about getting rid of stuff, and I happen to be getting rid of a whole lot of stuff as I’m finally moving husband and cats out to Massachusetts with me!  To put it in context, this is less exfoliation and more sandblasting 🙂  So I humbly put forth entry number one: furniture I don’t need and don’t have room for!  The papasan chair, kitchen table set, and mattress were all sold on Craigslist, the bakers rack (which I was so sad to lose, but there’s not room in the new home for it) was given to an old roommate, and the satellite dish was given away on Craigslist.  I now have room to stash boxes as I pack, and have covered about a third of the cost of my trailer rental fee (grumble grumble stupid expensive UHaul)!”

Erica P.


“Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration.  After reading your “Throw Out 50 Things” entry I felt inspired to throw out anything that did not make me happy.  What better place to start then my closet?  I also decided to stop punishing myself with keeping clothes that do not fit.  Yes, I said it…that do not fit and not necessarily because they are too big… so time to let go.  I didn’t count the pieces I am donating, but I do know it’s one big bag of stuff (both physical and mental stuff).  Adios big bag of trash!”

Eva M.


This week’s exfoliation is my new haircut. It’s quite a change from my previous style – I have such thick hair that after this cut I lost weight(!). It might not get the same attention from los chicos as the super long/thick Bridget Bardot look but with training this summer this look is way easier to manage.

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  1. Jill

    i totally missed out this week… bummer! I’ll be back next week.

    LOVE the haircut – you’re such a doll! I’m going tomorrow for a little “chopper” and am excited to take some length (and dead ends!) off!

    Have a great holiday!

  2. Amy

    Your hair looks adorable! I love it!

    As a PBA update, I’ve been successful at making my bed every day! My next new intentions: catch up on news for 10 minutes every day (kinda sad that I rarely do this now) and stretch for 10 minutes every day. I’ll let you know how they go!

  3. Jess

    @ All: I’m glad you like the new “do” – we’ll see what it looks like when I style it myself this weekend.

    @ Amy: YAY! Hmmm. Is there a way you can catch up on news while you stretch? That could kill two birds with one stone.

  4. Love your bangs! I have a friend who loves to say, I decided bangs would be cheaper than botox! lol. The running is great… 3x in 5 days. 🙂

  5. Jess

    @ Carolyn and PVE: Glad you like the cut, too! I am still adjusting to styling it myself. If I can win the war with the puffy volume I’ll be in business.

    @ PVE: I’m glad it is going well!! 3 runs in 5 days is a huge start! Keep it up 🙂

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