end of the week exfoliation: a little bit of everything

Whew! What a surge of new exfoliations this week! Scroll below to hear about the items people across the country are divesting in the name of order and intention. I think opening up end of the week exfoliations all week long for the giveaway giveaway really helped increase the participation.

Got an exfoliation for next week? Don’t be shy, send me (jess@jesslc.com) a picture, a short description, and a link to your blog/site and it will get posted that Friday.

brookeblankie“Over Easter I was helping my mom tie a quilt for my nephew. It spurred some discussion about how I LOVED my “blankie” when I was little and would drag it with me everywhere. When my blankie had seen it’s final day, I wouldn’t let my mom throw it away {that was far too painful a thought} but I would let her box it up and put it away {in exchange for a NEW blankie, mind you.}. She remembered that she still had it, so we took it out, had a giggle, and tossed it. That thing was so paper thin, it was practically disintegrating. That was my End of the Week Exfoliation; a good memory and some freed up closet room.”


erwinwatch“I’m getting rid of my watch because having four of them is completely unnecessary. Sorry mom.”


evastapler“Let me begin by saying that I LOVE office supplies!  BUT this is just ridiculous!  Why I need a 100 page stapler is beyond me … and therefore it’s time to let go!  It was passed on to me from a co-worker and being the office supply lover that I am I quickly adopted it into my cube.  In my exfoliation high from last week I decided to expand the exfoliation goodness to the office and thought this was a great candidate.  I have donated the stapler to the copy room.  After all it is company property so I would feel bad donating it outside of the company.  Adios stapler!”


kristinrunningshirt“I received this shirt my sophomore year in college as a new pledge to Gamma Phi Beta. I deactivated from the sorority my senior year but for some reason have kept this as a long sleeve for running (at least that’s what I told myself) but honestly its a bit short and I never wear it.”


timbike“I’d purchased this bike over a year ago for $75. Lately, I’d been neglecting maintenance on the bike, knowing I was ready for a change. The back brake wasn’t functioning properly and the gear shift was similarly acting up. It culminated last Friday afternoon when I dented a rim and blew a tire doing some extreme urban biking (that’s code for dodging Chicago potholes). As I was enjoying a piece of pie at Noble Tree, the thought came to me: “I’m going to exfoliate that bike.” When I walked outside to leave, I simply pulled off the bike lock, leaving the bike on a busy sidewalk in Chicago. Normally, I wouldn’t simply abandon something like that. But as anyone who lives in an urban environment knows, the bike probably lasted a matter of minutes before a bike repair junkie spotted it and claimed it for their own. As for me, I took the bus home and two days later I trekked out to Schaumburg and picked up this beauty. Bike riding has never been more fun.”


exfoliationfrozenfoodMy exfoliation this week is long over due expired. I know frozen things don’t really spoil but these items are all circa October 2008 and the chance that I will actually eat them is small nonexistent. Out they go.

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  1. Kaitlyn

    Brooke- I Can’t imagine giving away my blankie! I still sleep with mine from when I was a baby, a little embarrassing, I know!

    Tim- That is such a great idea to leave your bike unlocked, the new bike is awesome!

    Jess- I’ll be having to exfoliate a lot of food this weekend when Pete moves. Frozen foods are definitely things I forget about! It will be interesting going through my closet when I move this week, I expect a lot of exfoliating going on!

  2. PS~Erin

    I so enjoyed reading everyone’s stories behind there pictures. My freezer is in need of a good exfoliation… What a great idea!

  3. PS~Erin

    I so enjoyed reading everyone’s stories behind there pictures. My freezer is in need of a good exfoliation… What a great idea!

  4. Jess

    @ Kaitlyn: Great! Snap photos of everything and send them to me for exfoliations.

    @ Erin: The kitchen is a go-to place for exfoliating whether it be food or random utensils I don’t need. If you find any food to exfoliate email me a photo!

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