end of the week exfoliation: april

Yea! At last, I have a quick chance to post this week’s exfoliation with reader submissions included! A big thanks to Kristin H. and Kristin C. for participating. You can check out what they exfoliated this week (and why) below. If you want to exfoliate and enter to be in the Giveaway Giveaway send me your exfoliation item for next week to jess@jesslc.com by Thursday (4/16) at noon.

exfoliationkristincoldhoops“This is my first exfoliating experience. I admit that I am somewhat reluctant to get rid of practically anything as I am sort of a pack rat, which presents a problem since I live in a tiny studio! For that reason I will look upon this as a sort of weekly challenge. I am “exfoliating” these earrings. They are somewhat old, do not always stay in my ears and are even becoming a bit rusty. I have held on for them because…….ok no particular reason. Jess I may have to hit you up later today for some hoops…………………..”

Kristin C.

exfoliationkristinhshoppingbags“I save everything.  Zip lock bags, air plane ticket stubs, all the extra buttons that come with clothes, bags, and shoe boxes.  Even though I have a nice shoe rack that holds all my shoes, I stack all the empty boxes on my closet shelf almost to the cieling.  It may sound crazy but this was very hard for me but… I called the high school across the street and donated 32 empty shoe boxes for a science class diorama project (remember those!?).  As for the designer shopping bags, well, I couldn’t let those go!”

Kristin H. of The Not-So-Desparate Housewife

exfoliationtopThis top though it looks cute, has not been worn since I turned 21…  I have kept it because I like the look, but my current bar scene is more laid back than clubbing. Plus, I always ended up spending most of the night fussing with the neckline. Buh-bye sparkle shirt!

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  1. Jill

    Love this… and um, Not Do Desperate Housewife, what size are you? (wink)… when you have any, ahem, shoes to exfoliate, you just let me know, I’m a size 7! Looks like you have a fab shoe collection (judging by all those boxes!)

    Jess, I had an exfoliation this week and totally forgot about it until it was too late. I’ll email it next week! I’ll snap a pic and get it to you soon!

  2. Jess

    @ Jill: Great! I can’t wait to get your’s this week. You can send it any day!

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