end of the week exfoliation + giveaway winner!

aprilgiveawaywinnertimbikeThe end of the week (and April) already? On one great high note I have Makeunder’s first Giveaway Giveaway winner! Lucky submission #8 was made by Tim H! Remember Tim? He’s the guy who ‘exfoliated’ his bike on the side of Clark St. (a slightly controversial decision). Nevertheless, he is now the proud owner of a $40 Jess LC Gift Certificate. Just in time for Mother’s Day, Tim…

exfoliationtmobileboxAnd this box is my exfoliation item this week. For some reason I have an innate urge to keep all cell phone, iPod, cordless phone, computer, and electronic boxes.


[insert cricket noises]

Since I can’t come up with a legitimate excuse, it is getting recycled. (“Cuz I might need it someday, if it brakes and I need to return it” does not qualify since I wouldn’t actually return it.) Outta my life, Mr. Box-that-sits-on-my-shelf-with-no-purpose-what-so-ever!

PS- Stay tuned, on Saturday I will reveal the exciting May Giveaway Giveaway prize. And remember to send in your exfoliations to me at jess@jesslc.com to be eligable to win free loot and cut the crap (like a linksys router box) out of your life :).

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  1. congrats to tim. and as for the boxes – I had a good chuckle because we keep the same things and wonder why?

  2. Tim

    I was going to be a bad son for Mothers Day and now I don’t have to 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Jess

    @ PVE: Great question! I think many people play this whole ‘keep the box’ game. But it felt good to recycle it!

    @ Tim: I’m glad to be of service. 🙂

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