end of the week exfoliation + may “giveaway giveaway” winner!

I have to say, each week these exfoliations are getting better and better! I can also tell some people are starting to get on a roll and tackle bigger makeunder projects like Lydia (who wrote about her bathroom makeunder on her blog this week), Carolyn, and Brooke. Exfoliating can be infectious. I also love how Haley found a new home for her precious ice cream maker that will still enable access while honoring her PBA to eat healthier.

To see who won this May’s organiK Revolution wrap, scroll down below the exfoliations!


“So, I’m submitting a load of cosmetics from my bathroom cabinet. One has been repurposed (body spray bottle to plant mister), three are being passed on to my little sister, five I couldn’t work out any alternate or second use for so have gone to landfill, and one (the old earrings) has been slipped into my craft box in case I can use it in some kind of project… very satisfying to finally clear out some dead wood from the bathroom!”



“That rubber binder literally drives me crazy — it has rubber on the ends for some reason and I can’t take it so finally getting rid of it :). Magazine is huge and I’m realistically never going to read it since it’s been about 6 months! And that paper cutting board is broken, but I kept it around anyway! Feels so good :).”



“I love the exfoliation/makeunder concept and the personal bank account. This week I’m getting rid of something that not only takes up too much space in my tiny kitchen, but also is constantly deducting from my personal bank account goal of eating healthier: the ice cream maker! I’m probably one of the few people who frequently uses their ice cream maker, but that’s starting to be a problem, and I just moved and have the tiniest kitchen ever. So I’m giving this baby to my little brother because he wants one and also so i know that if I ever really need to make some amazing ice cream or sorbet fora party or something I can just borrow it back for a day or so.”


“Three day weekend meant an exfoliation overhaul. Yep – that’s two mediocre vacuums that didn’t suit our needs, bags of clothes, board games, canvases, etc. Our spare bedroom can actually be used now… I won’t use it as a storage shed any longer!”
This week’s exfoliation is a vintage table cloth I picked up at a thrift store in Ann Arbor before I moved to Chicago. It hasn’t been used for the last six months at least, so it’s time to find it a new home.

And the May winner is…



Congratulations, Lydia! You are now the proud owner of a canary yellow organiK Revolution wrap! I’ll be emailing you later today with the details.

So what’s June’s Giveaway Giveaway prize? Stay tuned next week to find out. And in the meantime, find something you don’t need/use/or love this weekend and send it in (jess@jesslc.com).

Have a great weekend, and be on the lookout for the remaining two steps to doing your own personal makeunder later today and tomorrow.

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  1. You should add this service to your business.
    So many people find it hard to do this…and it is hard!
    Add kids and a dog and more stuff keeps needing to be exfoliated! ūüôā

  2. lydia

    aieee!!! I am so excited about the wrap – it’s gorgeous. Thank you thank you!

  3. Jess

    @ PVE: I am thinking about an e-course for makeunder… So stay tuned in the months to come :).

    @ Lydia: I can’t wait to get that out to you so you can photograph yourself wearing and enjoying it! Congrats again!

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