end of the week exfoliation: old sneakers

exfoliationoldsneakersExfoliating this week almost seems like cheating. Last weekend I went to DSW and bought some cute new sneakers (see below). I love the new shoes, and considering I wear sneakers about once a week, keeping three pairs on hand is unnecessary.

[On a side note, the old Pumas look nicer in the photo than in real life. Go figure.]    newsneakers

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  1. danny.

    I will be ditching the robe I will never wear again and a blanket that I used to use in the car for the dog before I gave up and stopped trying to keep her hair off the seat.

  2. Jess

    @ Danny: Nice! I think those are two great items to exfoliate. I don’t know about you, but I have a harder time actually finding a new home for the stuff I exfoliate than I do deciding what needs to go.

    @ Rachel: I’m glad you like it, make yourself at home 🙂

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