TLS #203: Showing Up is Enough

In today’s Lively Show, I’m getting “real real.”

No notes.

It’s just me, talking to you.

I’m sharing honestly and openly about my struggles and personal journey with alignment lately.

This episode is perfect for anyone who feels that the urge to get into “as much alignment as possible” sometimes feels overwhelming or difficult to achieve… and wants to know what we can do instead.






  • Why finding the alignment before creating each show is so important and meaningful to me.

  • Why I wanted to do this episode to prove that you don’t always have to be in alignment, and that is perfectly fine.

  • That alignment can take on different looks at different times -it’s not the same for everyone.




TLS #163: Alignment Before Action

Tropical Think Tank

Law of Attraction

Abraham Hicks

Quantum Mechanics

The Seat of the Soul






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  1. Jeremy

    A window into your process in level 2 alignment, is equally as valuable as the insights you share in level 10 alignment. So few of us are willing to share (in pencil:), what going through the dips looks like – thank you.

  2. Loved this episode! I was literally tearing up driving and listening to it.
    A few thoughts/questions:

    1. Do you think your wanting to be in a highest level of alignment before actions was a way to make you play small? Meaning were you using it as an excuse to not do the work you are supposed to be sharing with the world? I do this sometimes, but it shows up in me thinking I don’t have enough information or needing to work on how I deliver the info. Just wondering your thoughts on this.

    2. Did you feel like you were able to find higher alignment after you did the show? Action breeds clarity, and sometimes after I start to take action, I can find better alignment.

    3. I think you may enjoy this song by India Arie called I Am Light. It’s one of the songs I listen to to get myself into alignment.

    Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing! Sending love!

    1. Thank you, Colene!

      1) I don’t think it’s a way to play small.. I do deeply, at least consciously, I suppose… think that it is a deep belief in the power of alignment before action. I’m still working through what the deeper understanding or truth may be, as I shared on the episode.

      2) I did!! It felt great to have a message I thought would help people… so that in itself was alignment producing. : )

      3) Thank you!

  3. Gabrielle Noyé

    Beautifully vulnerable and golden. Showing up IS enough. Thank you for sharing, it makes it easier to accept this in myself and show up as I am…whatever ‘level’ that may be.

  4. Denise Govett Mennella

    Jess, I have to thank you for listening to your intuition for this episode. Your intuition was right! There were people who needed to hear it and I’m one of them. I literally finished reading The Law of Attraction yesterday and was so excited to start putting what I learned into practice. Then, last night, before going to bed, I was helping my daughter through some teenage drama that worked me out of alignment. I tried, determinedly, to do some segment intending and resolved to have a restful sleep, but ended up having a really dark dream. I woke up this morning and tried segment intending again on my way to church. I intended to listen and draw in that which I was supposed to hear. Well, the sound system at church was way off and we all spent an hour and half listening to loud screeching, so I didn’t receive any wisdom at all. I finally said to my husband, “How can I get into alignment and find joy when everything around me is so off?” I jumped on my treadmill and listened to this episode and episode 204 and there it was—you were speaking right to me! This was what I was supposed to hear. I had been efforting with out alignment all along. Thank you for allowing me to realize that it’s OK to be out of alignment and that stopping forcing things is the way to go. After listening to you, my alignment has totally changed and I feel so much better!

  5. Emily Budrys

    Happy tears…. This is one of my first times tuning in, and you just spoke the most beautiful, authentic words that I’ve had so much trouble saying to myself. Currently in a “funk”, feeling like I lost my Self, and today I give myself permission to feel a little funky, because hey, it’s still me. Thank YOU for sharing you.

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