entry way details and cheap tricks


Our entry way is coming along. There is still one important change that needs to take place… but until then I’d like to share how I’m currently using the area and a few cheap tricks I’ve come up with that look cute and keep things organized.

You’ll notice that we scored a beautiful 1880’s marble topped chest from Chic Antique. It adds a sense of history to the otherwise new and modern space. Mr. Lively was the one that gravitated towards it first due to the rough, worn paint and I was sold on the white marble top.

The drawers contain receipts, to-do lists, small tools, and puppy stuff.

On the top of the table we have two DIY bulletin boards, a tray for my keys, candle jars for pens and mailing supplies, a metal tray for Mr. Lively’s things, and a little bowl with coins and two clickers for the puppy (we get him on Saturday!).

To the side of the entry table we have a ceramic umbrella stand I received as a gift a few years ago (from Z Gallerie) filled with scarves and my rain boots.

One cheap trick I love is my key chain holder. I used the leather tassel from my K.Slademade clutch as a key chain.

The cool part about the key chain design is that it’s super simple to open and close. Which means the car keys Mr. Lively and I share are easy to add or remove from my key ring whenever needed.

Of course any keyring with a simple closure like this would do the trick.

My other favorite little cheap trick in the entry is my mail station.

In the black candle jar we have stashed a few key essentials for outgoing mail.

Stamps, ink, and a custom rubber return address stamp I made via Photoshop and Rubberstamps.net with our new address (I obscured it for privacy). The total came to just $15.90 with shipping for the rubber stamp. And it would have been even cheaper if I went for a smaller size stamp. I chose the 3.5″ x 1.5″ format for $11.95.

All in all, it’s a cute and simple way for us to send mail out without having to write our address or use return address stickers.

I can’t wait to reveal the entry when it’s in it’s final state. But until then I hope you like the progress so far!


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  1. Melissa

    I love Chic Antique! And I have my eye on one of those tassel key chains. Would be a great solution for my car key issue (it’s making my keys way too bulky!).

  2. Allie K

    Are you planning on doing a puppy stuff shopping post? I’m getting a puppy in less than 2 weeks so I’d love to see what you’ve gathered. I already have a 3 year old little guy so it’s not my first puppy rodeo but I’d love to see how someone handles the puppy situation who happens to have self control when it comes to shopping. 😉

  3. Reema

    I love what you two have done so far. I was going to get return address labels once I move next month, but after seeing this post I think I will get a stamp instead! Thank you for the tip!

  4. I love what you two have done so far. I was going to get return address labels when I move in December, but after seeing this post I think I will get a stamp instead. Thank you for the tip!

  5. Love the progress you are making in your new digs, Jess! Looks great! I love checking in and seeing what you are doing and really admire the way you are focusing on what makes you happy! Good for you!

  6. kelsey

    i love the stamp! i think i’m going to have one made! thanks for sharing.

  7. Eva Mijes

    I just ordered three stamps! I knew this info was going to come in handy one day. One for my friend who is getting married and just bought a home, one for my BFF that just bought her first place… and one for me. They are so cheap I couldn’t resist! Thanks for the tip!

    1. That’s awesome to hear, Eva! I love that you’re using it for gifts. I forgot about that idea and I think I might want to keep that in mind myself now!!

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