TLS #50 Mini Edition: how the lively show has changed listeners’ lives & my own

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TLSEpisode50Today marks the #50th episode of The Lively Show!

I am so thrilled and thankful at how amazingly well received this show has been over the past 10 months.

It has been incredible to get to meet so many wonderful listeners and guests as a product of putting this show together for you each Tuesday and Thursday.

Today I’m sharing the life changing lessons six listeners and I have learned from the first 50 episodes and guests. 








  • Two exciting announcements about the 2015 Life With Intention Online and what I’m adding to the course in 2015.
  • The Lively Show episodes that have changed the lives of six listeners that may help you as well.
  • How six guests/episodes have changed my own life.




Ashley’s life changing realization is touched upon in these episodes: Kris Carter, Jess Lively, Mr. Lively

Samantha’s life changing episodes: Victoria Smith, Corbett Barr, Noah Kagan, Rachel MacDonald, Brooke White

Aimee – Small Eats 

Aimee’s life changing episode: Embracing Minimalism with Dana Schultz

Maryn – Metastate Movement

Maryn’s life changing episode: Purpose, Intention, & Uncertainty with Jess Lively

Katie – Twin Stripe

Katie’s life changing episodes: Talking Plant-Based Eating with Jessica Murnane & Handling Change Online and Offline with Grace Bonney

Diane  – A Plan For Cooking

Diane’s life changing episode: Increasing Our Joy with Rachel MacDonald

My life changing episodes: Eric Williams (debt reduction), Rachel MacDonald (meditation & state change), Kate Arends (authenticity), Caroline Rector (capsule wardrobe), Lara Casey, and Courtney Carver (holiday decor).








PS –  Life With Intention Online registration is now open for the February 2015 class (for only 11 days) at a special holiday rate which is $100 off the regular rate debuting in January. 

(This is the lowest price the course will be offered this entire enrollment period. For the best rate, sign up today.)



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  1. Katie

    Jess! Thank you so much for including me in your 50th episode! Your show means so much too me and it’s incredible to share it with all of your listeners. Congrats once again! xo

    1. I know, right? Things sped up faster with the addition of the Tuesday episodes, but still. : )

      I hope you are doing well!

      1. Thanks Jess. It’s been quite the year (good + bad) – I know you’ve been super busy (clearly!) – I emailed you quite some time ago. It’s too bad the mentorship didn’t really pan out, but as always – I wish you the very best! This year has been HUGE for you. I’m so happy for you. *cheers*

        1. Oh! I never saw that email, so strange! Do you mind resending it? I’m sorry I don’t know what happened to it…

          There’s still time to get another session in before the year’s out!

  2. That is so wonderful to hear, Kristina! I’m so glad they have kept you company on your travels. : )

  3. Maryn

    Congrats Jess! This is a huge milestone and I’m grateful to be a part of the celebration 🙂 You touch so many lives through your show and have definitely helped me along my path. Thanks for spreading the light and love!

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