TLS #235: High vibe living: what it feels like to have “the knowingness” in career or relationship and how to find it with Erica Gellerman

Today’s Lively Show is a fun “high vibe living” discussion on a topic that I think many people can relate to: the seeking of a ‘knowingness’ in a relationship or career choice.

This topic first surfaced last summer, during a conversation with Erica Gellerman, of The Worth Project. As we discussed our focuses in life (relationship for me, career for her), it became clear that each of us sought a ‘knowingness’ in a different area of life, and that the other person had experienced that exact clarity in the area we sought to discover.

In this episode, we are sharing the paths we both took to discovering this feeling of “knowing,” what it feels like, and how we have learned from one another so that we can understand our own growth and clarity in new ways.

This episode is perfect for anyone seeking clarity or a feeling of “knowingness” in their life – career, relationship, or otherwise. : )






  • Erica tells us how she and her husband moved to London for work and how she discovered she did not enjoy the work she was doing.

  • She talks about what the “knowingness” feels like for her and Jess in both their relationships and their career lives.

  • Erica describes what the “feeling” was like when she met her husband while still in school.

  • Erica asks Jess about her career knowing moments.

  • She talks about how RTT helped relieve some of the pressures of life including her career mindset.

  • Erica discusses the ways she has strengthened her beliefs on the career side.




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  1. Miriam Otero

    I loved this episode! I have flowed from one thing to the next since I graduated from high school. People have often asked me if I am scared of not knowing what’s next, but I never felt that. What’s helped me is how I word the question I ask myself. Before, it was “What do I want to do?” and now, especially during such an intense time in our world, I ask myself, “How does the world need me to contribute using my natural strengths?”. For a while, it was teaching. Now I’m flowing into the next thing. In relationships, I like you, had always been plagued by the, “Is this the one?”. Over the years, I realized my own resistance in this area and only recently over the last 6 months allowed myself to just be. I met someone a few years ago, and they came back into my life this summer. It’s been long distance from the moment we decided to see this through, yet I found myself more at peace with this than anything else I’ve ever been involved in and it’s just like Erica said, I know I’ll be fine no matter what happens. I’m just finally feeling calm in knowing that I don’t know, but trusting that a part of me already does… if that makes sense.

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