TLS #253: High Vibe Living: What it’s like to go from having a “knowing” in relationship or career to “flowing” with uncertainty with Erica Gellerman

Today on TLS, I am sharing another insightful conversation with friend and founder of The Worth Project, Erica Gellerman!

Last time Erica was on the show, we discussed what it felt like to have a “knowing in relationship (for her) and career (for me). Now, we’re discussing what has transpired for each of us since having a “knowing” in new areas (career for her, relationship for me).

We’re discussing how these new life chapters have felt — and where we’ve encountered challenges, too. Plus, the discussion leads us to a fascinating new explanation of why – even when we have a “knowing” – we will always continue facing inevitable uncertainty.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking for a feeling of “knowing” in relationship or career, or for anyone who has that “knowing” now and wants to connect the dots between the initial euphoria and the ongoing uncertainty in a powerful way.







  • Why Erica was seeking the knowing in her career.

  • How she found her knowing and how she converted it to going.

  • What Erica is doing with that feeling of knowing in her life right now.

  • She tells us why she finds people to be inspired about and what is does for her growth.

  • Erica and Jess discuss the parallels of Unicorns and Rhinos and how it plays in their lives.

  • She describes the outcome of knowing has given her a foundation to work from.




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  1. Suzy

    So…would you call Life With Intention a course for Rhinos and Flow With Intention a course for Unicorns? Haha, you need to market it like that.^_^

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