TLS #303: How to Use Your Inner Voice to Budget & Plan For Your Financial Future with Erica Gellerman

Today’s show is an interview with friend and financial expert, Erica Gellerman, of The Worth Project. While I was in London the past week, Erica was positively glowing over her newfound peace, clarity, and freedom she found by using her Inner Voice to change and redirect her life financially and structurally along with her husband, Jordan, and their new baby, Henry.

Due to her amazing results, I asked Erica to come on the show to share how she accessed her Inner Voice to do something that seems contradictory to many — to plan for the future practically, while fully living in the Here and Now.

In the show, Erica shares exactly how they accomplished that, along with the resources and questions you can use yourself to dive deep into your inner answers for your life and finances, as well.

Let’s go to the show. : )








  • Erica summarizes how her life was when she moved to London and how things didn’t feel right for her, including her career.

  • She talks about her experience with RTT and the positive results that came from that session.

  • Erica describes her outcome after RTT and how now she allows without efforting.

  • She discusses how an article from George Kinder posed the question about how to live the life you want today

  • Erica shares her time struggles with to work versus time with her child.

  • She reviews some of the changes she has made in her life to live the life she wants.




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