the lively show: overcoming doubts & resistance with eric zimmer (the one you feed podcast)


Happy Lively Show day to you!

This week I’m talking with Eric Zimmer, of the popular The One You Feed podcast.

Getting to talk to Eric about overcoming doubts and resistance from an evolutionary standpoint and a day-to-day reality was awesome.

This episode sheds light on the two different voices within ourselves and provides suggestions for handling comparison and other negative thought loops.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the two different motivators within us and get practical habits and tips to overcome doubts or internal resistance. 









  • Why Eric’s podcast is called The One You Feed

  • The parable of the two wolves that inspired The One You Feed title.

  • How the ego may have evolved from an evolutionary standpoint to protect us.

  • The role of culture and it’s impact on our emphasis on fear and ego.

  • The role of comparison in our lives from an evolutionary standpoint.

  • How Eric and myself try to overcome the urge to fall into the comparison trap.

  • Eric’s tips and tricks for distracting the ego from negative thought loops.

  • Ways of meditating… that don’t feel like meditating!

  • The perspective change that Eric went through that helped him create a daily meditation habit.

  • What Eric would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




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  1. Thanks for introducing us to Eric, Jess! Your quote about loving the wolf but not following him really rang true. I have a tendency to try and squash negative thoughts but often they’ll come back tenfold when I do that.
    I love the podcast and always listen to it on my Friday morning commute in Australia 🙂 x

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Hun! I’m glad you got to meet Eric through this episode and that the nonviolent way resonated with you. : )

  2. Kelly Jo

    This was such an inspirational episode! Can’t wait to check out Eric’s podcast.

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