TLS #184: A Magic Hour with Erin Loechner


Today’s Lively Show is a return visit from our very first TLS guest, Erin Loechner!

Erin is a wife, mother to two littles, the writer behind the (mega) blog,, and is the author of the new book, Chasing Slow.

In today’s episode, we cover a huge range of topics including why her quest to slow down her life led to a totally new understanding about why we want what we want, how Erin has grown into a more self-compassionate wife and mother, and the topic of allowing vs. tolerating.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to listen to an inspiring conversation about life, shifting life desires, judgement vs. allowing, and much more.








  • Erin talks about her current work with slowing down her life and reassessing the parts of it.

  • She tells the story of why she began to question herself to whether this was the person she really wanted to be.

  • Erin describes what the “golden hours” are and how she learned that she needed to start aligning her values with her calendar.

  • She discusses with us the things she does daily to fill herself up before starting her day.

  • Erin  speaks about her life story and how it became the premise of the current book about living a slower life, something she has been practicing daily.

  • She describes the shift in her life and she what she learned about not caring what she thinks others think.

  • Erin explains that living in the moment is having self control to choose the reaction that you believe truly reflects your values.

  • She mentions that while writing her book, she learned that it’s about seeing and taking a closer look at your life and appreciating it as is.

  • Erin talks about the difference of tolerating and allowing and how that can change the perspective we have on the life we live everyday.
  • She advises that we need to be really honest with what we see as our limitations and what you want and have already in your life.



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