etsy crush: evajuliet

I don’t do this too often. Barely ever. But this week I couldn’t help myself.


While blog reading, I came across EvaJuliet’s Etsy Shop and I knew I had to swap with her. Her prints were just too cute. So in just a week or so, I will be the proud new owner of these two pretties:


The Choose Joy print will look great in my studio or bathroom in the new apartment. I love the message and the color.


And this guy will be living in the kitchen on the counter.

Check out Eva’s shop, she’s got several other great styles (and in French) as well!

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  1. Jill

    These are just gorgeous… the never ending supply of inspired work at etsy just boggles my mind! I visited her shop… such cute stuff! I love the french feel to it all.

  2. Jess

    @ Jill: Me too! I thought about getting the Choose Joy print in French, but I thought the English version would hit home a bit better.

    @ Lindsey: I agree on both counts!

    @ Brooke: First of all, SO excited for you! And second, I’ll be emailing you soon about the new idea. It’s GREAT!

  3. Bek

    Good choices! Both of those prints are adorable. I took a peak at her shop and now I’m crushing on the “Choose Joy” piece in French. So lovely!

  4. I love bartering too – I especially love the ones in french!
    Life is all about “choice” and I love that “choose Joy!”

  5. Rebecca

    Wow! They are just gorgeous, and she has so many. I too, get so lost in any art Etsy shop! It can be quite addictive to say the least.

  6. Jess

    @ Bek + PVE: I liked the French versions as well, if I spoke French myself I would have picked that one myself.

    @ Rebecca: Agreed! I am always blown away by the variety of items you can find on Etsy.

    @ K: Nice! I heard she got several orders from Makeunder readers recently :).

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