TLS #238: Why i’m trying to renew my (-4.0) eyesight naturally with Megan Bowers

Today on TLS I”m chatting with Megan Bowers again — only this time I’m explaining why I’ve decided to go the last week without glasses or contacts, even though I have a -4.0 prescription.

After deciding to experiment with all the knowledge I’ve been finding out about the subconscious and healing over the past several months, I focused on my eyesight first and foremost.

What began as a somewhat “simple” experiment, has revealed far more than I ever would have imagined when it comes to emotion, eyesight, and healing.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is curious about the connection between vision, sight, and emotion.






  • Megan and Jess discuss Jess’s experience at a recent conference where she was exposed to new ideas and techniques for natural healing.

  • Jess discusses in depth what she has read and learned from lectures and books which brings her to this healing of her eyesight.




Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr. Bruce Lipton

 Gregg Braden

Lynne McTaggart

Take Off Your Glasses and See

The Power of Eight

Law of Attraction





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  1. Meg Poulin

    Hi Jess… I have never left a comment before, but have enjoyed your show for a few years. I am finishing a my masters degree in Consciousness Studies and love your take on a lot of the material I have studied as well. One of the podcasts I sometimes listen to is called Voices of Esalen (Have you been to any of the workshops at Esalen in Big Sur, CA?)… and they have an episode on April 20, 2016 with an interview with Dr. Sam Berne, a behavioral optometrist. Jess, THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. When I listened to this, it really drove home for me the connection of the mind/emotions/body in a way that nothing else had. If you are trying to heal your eyes, you really need to listen to that podcast episode. The information he gives about the eyes and the connection to consciousness and our subconscious is just incredible. He performs some interesting exercises/experiments on the host of the podcast and it is so fun to hear his reactions and his world open up. I would love to know if you do chose to listen to it!

  2. Lacey Jewell Cope

    Are you familiar with Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)? I haven’t tried it but just learned of it recently. Seems like it aligns with what you’re trying to accomplish, but om the flip side (using eye movements to heal trauma/emotions, as opposed to processing emotions to heal your eyesight).

  3. Suzy

    Ah this episode blew my mind! I’ve always heard to alternative medicine about your body parts being in relation to your emotional and energetic world. Never had I thought about my eyes being a part of that,but really duh. And it got me thinking to the exact time when I did get my glasses, 12 yrs old, just moved to a new state and school, being bullied and so much other emotional stuff…it SO makes sense that I would get glasses. Also to note that about the same time I started getting into the LoA, my eye doctor told me that my sight was improving….and I bet it did, I was in better state of mind. Then you also got me thinking that when we don’t wear our glasses or contacts. we are being vulnerable, as humans we instinctually don’t want to be exposed to the “outside” dangers…..and then same thing with emotion, we don’t want to expose our emotions to others. Love love love this! Definitely will need to check out the book….and of course, take off my glasses more! Thank you Jess!

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