fall seasonal intention calendar

Fall2013SeasonalIntentionCalendarNow that we are in September, it’s time to share this fall’s seasonal intention calendar for September, October, and November.

For those who didn’t see the summer version, here’s a quick recap of what the seasonal intention calendar is all about:

It is easy to let seasons come and go without taking the time to really think through what we’d like to havedo, and be during that season.

Personally, I’m really great at setting a vision for the year with a future letter. But after that is written, I allow my weekly priority list to guide my steps throughout the rest of the year without much extra thought.

The weekly priority list does a good job keeping me on task in my career and in other life roles as well, but it lacks the larger scope that I would like to have for a season.

When it comes to things I’d like to intentionally purchase, fun day trips I’d like to take, or (most importantly) outlooks I’d like to have more frequently, a bigger picture vision for the season is ideal.

As you can see in the photo above, this summer’s calendar was pretty successful. I accomplished almost all of the things I set out to have, do, and be. Over the weekend, Mr. Lively and I talked a lot about what items we’d like to have, do, and be this fall. My fall Haves, Dos, and Bes can also be seen above, based on the priorities we set together.

And of course, I have a free printable for you to use as well.



download free printable here

If you decide to use the calendar, I hope it helps you to take a closer look at the next few months and align your priorities in each Have, Do, and Be area of your life.



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      1. Ffion

        I did actually print it out, but never got round to doing it. I’m working on a different approach, by setting monthly goals, but I am keeping these intentional calendars in mind, maybe I can work them in at a later date, I really like the idea of them.

        Instead, since August, I’ve started setting myself “Authentic Challenges”, geared towards bringing me towards a life that feels more “me”. I set myself three goals for the month, some big, some small, some geared towards forming a daily habit and that are attached to my current most important values “Authentic”, “Creative” and “Free”. Here’s my post for September outlining my goals. http://mindflight.me/september-authentic-challenge-authentic-creative-free/

        Then I usually write a weekly review to see how it’s going 🙂 It worked well for August, now I have to see how it goes in September… Working so far!

          1. Ffion

            Thanks 🙂 The intentional calendar is great though too, maybe once I’m in the groove a bit more I can use that to create a larger view of my projects and then orient my challenges towards that. We’ll see 🙂

          2. Jess Lively

            Exactly. Do what feels right for you. No need to over plan. : )

  1. Richele

    Love this! Cheers to you completing your summer list! Now onto fall and printing myself a calendar 🙂

  2. That’s great to hear! I hope that it helps you find that progress you are looking for. : )

    (And of course, if you ever want to work one-on-one about anything you are working on, please let me know.)

  3. LeslieÖ

    Great job Jess, I love this approach for personal use. Breaking down our new year’s resolution into seasonal goal helps us achieve our goals best because: #1. A year is too long of a wait and we give up #2. 1 month is not enough time to see results and this also can be discouraging.

    One of my number one rules when creating a marketing plan for the year for my clients is to have a seasonal calendar. It helps us clear the vision and revisit accomplishments every 3 months.

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