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As you may have noticed, I’ve been slowly doing some spring fall cleaning around MML. I figured it was time to put a fresh coat on MML as I moved into a new place myself. I’m so happy with how it’s turned out. The berry and camel colors are such a cheerful contrast to the yellow and gray of the summer.

Here’s a little tour of some of the layout changes.

As many of you pointed out, I cut my hair! I cut it last April, but hadn’t changed online photos in a really long time. And as you can guess, I’m now back to growing it out. Since updating the pics, I’m now recognizable if you spotted me at a coffee shop. I also retold the story of how MML got started in a bit more detail on the about page.

I also ditched the tabbed widget that used to be on the sidebar in favor of a more new user friendly approach. This Best of MML page links to some of the most popular categories and feistiest posts. Now it’s much easier for new MML readers to catch up without having to sift through the complete archive.

And lastly I’ll mention a few updates to the sidebar. Of course there are the awesome MML sponsor buttons to the far right. And I’ve updated the look of the contact buttons and added a new feature: Form Spring. Simply click the Ask a Question button to hop over and well… ask me a question. There is also a link to the Best of MML page and of course a Twitter link.

I hope you like the changes and if you have any suggestions on how the site can be even more helpful, please let me know!

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  1. Annie

    I’m loving the new look~ it’s perfect for fall and a new beginning! Thanks, too, for the post yesterday. It made my day!

  2. Flavia

    I love the new colors, and your picture looks so great!
    By the way, I mentioned you on my blog today – thanks for all the inspiration you provide everyday!!

  3. Gina

    Love the new look! A new beginning is always nicer with a new look! {And who doesn’t love an excuse to redecorate??}

  4. Olivia

    Hey is that a new haircut because it looks really freaking cute! Also, I am dying over that sponsor’s website for the cozy/cuff thing.

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