TLS #136: My 5 Favorite Guided Meditation Apps


Today on this mini edition of TLS, I’m sharing my top 5 favorite guided meditation apps.

Whenever people tell me that they have a hard time hearing from their intuition, or being able to tell the voice of the “ego” apart from their intuition, meditation is the #1 practice I recommend starting with.

Observing our thoughts in meditation helps us recognize each thought’s source and feeling within ourselves. And as we get better at understanding what “ego” thoughts tend to feel like, we can start to tell them apart from intuitive guidance.

Over the years, I’ve tried many meditation apps, meditation formats, and even a meditation class. And in today’s episode I’m sharing the five guided meditations that I use again and again.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a great introduction to some beginner-friendly guided meditations in a variety of formats. 






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Tara Brach Podcast, guided meditations

Oprah + Deepak Meditations (this happens for free a few times a year, or you can purchase them year-round)

Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad by Jai-Jagdeesh (aff. link)

To learn more about this chanting meditation, check out this video by Gabbrielle Berstein

TLS Episode with Anna Gardner (Vivianna Does Makeup)


Runners UpCalm + Insight Timer


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    1. Thank you for this! I went down a rabbit hole of packing and travel tips yesterday thanks to your suggestions! 🙂

  1. Julie Daniel

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve really gotten into meditation over the past few years. My (Christian) therapist had me start doing guided meditations a few years ago. At the time I was like “uhhhh are we allowed to do this? Isn’t it a bunch of new age weirdness?” I’ve learned it’s really about noticing what’s going on in your mind so that you can make decisions that come from your intuition, not your ego 🙂

    Some of my favorite resources:
    Yoga Nidra… there are tons of places to find it… spotify, youtube, apps. and for guided meditations

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Julie! Thank you for the other meditation suggestions, too. : )

  2. Corie Taylor

    I’ve used headspace and liked it but my go-to mediation at the moment is 10% happier. Dan Harris is great especially for the skeptic but even if you don’t need to me convinced ☺️

    1. Wonderful! I’ve heard a lot about Dan’s book, I think I’m going to need to check it out. : )

  3. Rebecca

    Another great podcast Jess! I found the Headspace app was a great introduction to meditation, but these days I find more presence in meditating on my own, during any spare moments. At the moment I’m loving the mantra Sat Nam (Truth is my identity), I’m sure you’ve heard of it but I like to breathe in “Sat”, and breathe out “Nam” and repeat it over for a couple of minutes. Very calming – also I love the Kundalini chant you mentioned, I also discovered it through the YouTube video you mentioned!!

    1. I love that! I’ve heard the term Sat Nam a lot, but never known the meaning behind it. Thank you for sharing that!

  4. Olga

    Great episode, Jess! Enjoy your Europe trip 🙂
    If it’s not on your list yet, Amsterdam is a great place to visit, with all the canals and gingerbread houses… Check this out for inspiration:

    As for meditation, I have been doing it on and off, but recently I found this course from Jeffrey Allen and it’s hands-down my favourite of all times. They have a free introduction webinar for an hour, and seriously, this webinar alone has shifted my life. You can register here –
    And then I bought his program (I’ve been hesitant for a while, it’s a bit pricey), but I’m totally happy. And since this program it’s the first time I started regularly meditating every morning and it feels amazing.
    One of my other favourites is a free meditation from Cristie Marie Sheldon – “love or above” – gives a great impulse for the day –

  5. Love the episode thanks as always Jess for sharing these tips/apps/resources! Just started using Headspace this week and already noticed a huge difference in my daily life and in my yoga mediation practice too. I’ve tried other meditation apps in the past but love (and look forward to) Headspce!

  6. Esteban G.

    Welzen is a mindfulness meditation app as well 🙂 Welzen features tons of free meditations organized in categories such as stress relief, anxiety management, focus training, creativity enhancement and relationship improvement. Welzen includes coaching sessions, is free to download and super simple to use.

    Apple Download:
    Android Download:

  7. Thanks for sharing. I hear for meditation Headspace apps. It is best for me. Because its guidelines are hopefully well than others,.So prefer it .

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