TLS #196: Your questions answered: self-compassion, procrastination, affirmations & skin update

In today’s episode we have a fresh batch of questions and answers!

Questions include things like:

How can we stay compassionate with ourselves? What are my go-to alignment mantras? How is my skin/hormone progress is going? How does Law of Attraction and negative circumstances intersect? How to find flow while traveling with a partner? And more.

This episode is perfect for anyone with questions about personal alignment, Law of Attraction, and much more.





  • I’m living abroad and I’m also in a long distance relationship but I’m having some amazing days where I feel like I’m in flow but then I have a lot of guilt that I’ve left my partner behind. How should I manage my feelings and energy while I’m away?

  • Are going to be speaking to any of the political situations in the US?

  • I would like to hear your thoughts on the idea that we not only attract the good experiences but also the worst experiences (like abuse, violence and so on) into our lives.

  • Do you have a mailing address while traveling?

  • What does work better for you in creating an amazing life: Do you consciously decide on what you want and then focus on that to manifest it – or do you prefer to let the Universe surprise you?

  • What ways do you recommend for a beginner on this journey to get into alignment on a daily basis?

  • How do you meet people (or date them) in your new locations and are you ever nervous about meeting guys? 2. Do you keep up with social issues? And ever plan on talking about them? How do you feel about all of the discrimination and injustices going on in the world?

  • You shared in a prior episode that you might spend up to 2+ hours in any given day making sure you are vibrationally in alignment. What does that actually look like? What are your newest daily practices?

  • How did you find your remote team?

  • Did you throw out your things that were handed down to you from Grandparents? Old school reports? Those wine flutes you got for your 18th?

  • Have you found that Australia is super expensive compared to the US?

  • Can share some more about the diet/exercise/beauty changes you’ve made to continue balancing hormones and improving your skin?

  • I’m interested in knowing if you are following politics around the US and world – Are you keeping up with politics while traveling?

  • How was the transition of working at an office to working anywhere? What structures or boundaries do you have in place or is it all flow?

  • Based on the book Power vs Force, have you tried muscle testing yourself? And have you ever been to a kinesiologist?

  • What lifestyle changes do you make to help you get into alignment?

  • Where to next? Still feeling drawn to England/Europe? Do you think you’ll do a favorites episode any time soon?

  • Do you have any suggestions on being more present and letting go of the past?

  • What are your “go to” mantras to help you get into alignment?

  • Are you still working with affirmations?

  • How have you dealt with jet lag and kept yourself healthy with all the traveling? What do you do when you’re experiencing low energy from moving around?

  • Could you share some tips for getting into flow whilst also working in an office environment? Do you have any recommendations for habitual procrastinators when it comes to finding flow?

  • What are your thoughts on reconciling the laws of attraction with a religious belief in a higher being who has ultimate control over your life? If I believe in God and that He directs my life, how can I also believe in the laws of attraction?

  • I am wondering if you have always been drawn to this work or if there was something that lead you there?

  • You talked in one Q&A episode about how it’s easier to start practicing these principles when you have a big change on the horizon, can you talk more about this?

  • I’d love to hear if you’re still enjoying your travel-capsule wardrobe or if you’re starting to get bored of the same items, and/or how much you’ve shopped/supplemented along the way?

  • Can you share some examples about giving yourself grace or compassion in different circumstance and how this works (like, what would you say to yourself in that moment)?

  • Can you share how you stay in alignment when traveling with a partner? Do you have any tips?

  • How do you plan for your solo shows? How do you capture ideas and then decide which to focus on? Do you outline your thoughts/write the episode out first?




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