TLS #123: How I’m “Really” Doing, Exercise, Making Major Decisions, Self-Love, & More


Today on TLS I’m doing another one of my favorite types of shows to do: I’m answering questions shared with me on Instagram last week!

This episode is covering a lot of ground including things like podcasting, business, when I knew I was ready for dating again, how I’m “really” doing, my favorite Austin places, how I earn money, and more.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a fun, casual Q+A on a variety of life, business, and relationship topics.








  • How did you reach out to guest to be on your show when you were just getting started? How do you book your guest

  • I’m considering starting a podcast, would you recommend naming your podcast the same as your blog if the content will be a little broader? What’s better – consistency or a different but really catchy title?

  • Would love to learn about podcasting. Like how did you get started? What equipment would you recommend for beginners?

  • How do you exercise in MI winter regularly?

  • Have you started your capsule wardrobe and if so, how is it going?

  • I’ve always had a really strong intuition & I know you do as well….how do you explain yourself when you make a choice in business based on the intuition?

  • I just made a leap of faith choice lately & all I can really tell my husband/family is “I just know this is right” or “just trust me” or “I can’t explain it, but everything in me is telling me to do this…”

  • What would you say to someone who is just starting out on this journey? (entrepreneurship)

  • Are you keeping the Lively name since you’ve built your brand on your name?

  • What top 3 tactics do you use when at a crossroads on a major life decision?

  • I have a pretty small budget so do you have any suggestions for how to upgrade your life without spending big bucks? Thanks!

  • I’ve only been listening for a few months and love the topics and guests but you always sound so darn happy. I find that hard to believe and I’m sure you just want to show your most optimistic self but would love a dose of reality. Not tears or anything just wouldn’t mind hearing about the hard parts because then we would understand and relate to the journey more. Really get into why you were lacking pleasure in your life.

  • Two questions: 1. How did you build up your audience (both on your blog and podcast) to where it is today? How did you initially get people to know about you? And 2. Since you mentioned it, I’d love to know your favorite murder mysteries!

  • I know you lived in Austin and love it there; any favorite hangouts or restaurants or places to see? Also, having made several moves in your life, do you have any tips for making a big move?

  • I would love to know more about how you transitioned from your jewelry business to your Life With Intention work? I love my work as a professional organizer, but want to transition from cleaning people’s messes to helping my clients make meaningful life transformation (and yes, I believe organization can do that!).

  • You seem very confident about who you are and what you believe. Have you always felt self-assured or is there a story there? 

  • Can you share with us some tips on design, interior architecture and decorating, especially for college students? I loved your posts about the house renovation, and would love to see more. Also, what did you have to eat today?

  • I was wondering how you cope with a really bad day? Any instant pick-me-ups? Love from Europe!

  • How did you know you were ready to date again after splitting with Mr. Lively?

  • I find your voice soothing and upbeat. Did you work with a speech or voice coach or is it natural?

  • How do you earn money through the podcast to support yourself? And how did you get started with the podcast and course?

  • My question is ” What do you believe is the first step towards self-love?” And “what advice would have given to your younger self 10 years ago?” Thank you for you inspiring and beautiful podcasts.

  • Wondering how are you really, truly feeling about your uncoupling now – a few months after it’s been official. You seem surprisingly happy and upbeat (considering the circumstances) on the show, wondering if this is a cover or how you’re really doing?




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  1. Emily D. Hawkins

    Hi, Jess! What was the documentary you watched about clothing? Thank you for answering my question today! I admire how actively you engage with your audience!

  2. Emilie

    I totally relate to struggling with being alone so often. I am a Stay at Home Mom because we can’t afford daycare (at least in part). I work really hard to get out of the house and interact with adults almost every day. It is hard for an extrovert to be without external stimulation! Also, I just wanted to let you know that I am not an entrepreneur, but I can relate to everything you say, and have started to view my role as its own sort of business (I budget, purchase, manage, etc.).

    Also my daughter (who is 1 year old) loves your theme song. I have been trying to think of other music like it because she always responds so positively to it 🙂

    1. Jess Lively

      Aw, this is so wonderful, Emilie! I hear you on the loneliness and I love that your daughter loves the TLS theme song!!

  3. LindsayJH

    I loved this episode! Thank you, especially, for mentioning the conscious commerce movement and The True Cost documentary. I recently started a business that offers only products that do good, and I find that ethical goods are still under appreciated. So when notable people like you discuss the importance of fair trade goods or products that provide a benefit to society, I do a little joyful/geeked out dance. Keep it real, fabulous, and always lively! xo – Lindsay Byers-Hirth

    1. Jess Lively

      That’s wonderful to hear, Lindsay!! I can’t wait to bring this topic to TLS this year. : )

  4. Diane

    Great episode. I particularly loved hearing your thoughts post separation from Mr. Lively, specifically the balancing act between the isolating aspect of being alone, running your own home and doing everything by yourself with the love of where you are right now… because this is my life as well 🙂 You literally climbed in my head and spoke the way I feel!

    I’m a graphic designer/illustrator/artist; I work from home here in Portland for a tech company in Chicago as senior designer/artistic director (I worked for them for almost 10 years as a salaried worker before I moved). I’ve been living here for almost three years now and I’ve been divorced since 2012. I live 6 blocks from my ex (who happens to be one of my best friends) and we share the parenting of a Young Dude. YD spends one week with his Dad and one week with me, an arrangement that might not work for everyone but it works for us right now. My ex has remarried and he and his wife have a child of their own… who YD adores!

    Interaction with humans can be few and far between for me for sure given my work-life, especially on the ‘off’ weeks when I don’t have immediate Young Dude parenting duties. I look forward to his extra-curricular activities so I can get away from the computer to be honest!

    There are no tears on this side either, for sure. There are SO many aspects to my life that I LOVE, and I see the benefit in both my life, my ex’s life and our son’s life too. But yes, there are times when taking care of everything by yourself can get old, when you just miss knowing someone will be there sometimes, or you miss the interactions of an evening…or weekend morning or whatever it might be on any given day! (Not cooking/eating alone one day perhaps? Not going to a movie alone on another?)

    I often find myself going to coffee shops to “work” on the weekends just to get out of the house and be around people – whether I talk to anyone or not! Obviously I prefer it when I do 🙂

    What’s funny is I’m in no hurry to date or meet anyone ‘special’. if I do, great but I’m not actively looking for it and I’m not on any dating websites or anything like that. Not for me. My life is moving and changing in wonderful ways and has become a truly great chapter of self development. I’m looking forward to what the future holds – with or without someone by my side.

    Easy? No.

    Right where I need to be? Absolutely!

    Sorry this was so long but my intuition just said run with it so I did. I know I’ve found it’s nice to know when others are on a similar page, no matter where they are in the world. Maybe this will inspire you in some small way to keep on keeping on, seeing as you have inspired me in so many ways through all the work you do 🙂 Hugs! xxx

    1. Leah LW

      And I should listen to the rest of the podcast before commenting…LOVE that you gave a shoutout to thrifting! My entire wardrobe is thrifted and I really love all the pieces (doing the capsule thing as well). More in the blog link above!

    2. Jess Lively

      Thank you so much for the Veralque and Bonnet suggestion, I have never heard of them. : )

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