let’s talk: a live evening fireside chat about travel, dating, + new Values-based intentions

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Over the past four and a half months, I’ve been using two new intentions in my life around two life areas that previously weren’t really on my radar. And I’ve gotten a lot of emails over the past month from Lively Show listeners asking me to discuss these two areas in more depth.

So tonight (Wednesday, September 14th) I’ll be doing a fun (free) online fireside chat where I share how I’ve applied my two new intentions for travel and dating (plus some practical tips I’ve picked up along the way).

I LOVE these fireside chats. They are my chance to have a “lively” (and honest) conversation with you about my life and to discuss topics that I think are relevant to many of us.

For those of you that haven’t joined a fireside chat before, we only do a few per year. But these evening fireside chats get really fun – many attendees had drinks (tea, water, Pinot Grigio…) in hand and this one should be no different. : )

Register for the fireside chat on “How I’m Applying Travel + Dating Intentions in My Life

We’re going to:

  • Chat about my adventures in traveling, dating… and dating while traveling 🙂
  • Look at how I have used two new intentions to explore new areas of my life
  • Learn practical tips that will improve your travels and love life
  • And a whole lot more…

Will you join us?

What: A fireside chat on How I’m Applying Travel + Dating Intentions in My Life”
When: Wednesday, September 14th at 6pm EST / 3pm PST
Where: Save your spot for the fireside chat here


* Note: This is a LIVE, free, online event. Once it has taken place, there will not be a way to sign up or participate.

PS – Life With Intention Online registration closes Friday, September 16th at Midnight.


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