let’s talk: a live evening fireside chat about 8 joyful + fulfilling career practices

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Over the past 15 years, my career has been varied:

Jewelry designer. 
Handbag designer.
Hotel creative director.
One-on-one business coach.
Workshop leader.
Temporary tattoo designer.
Life With Intention Coach.

At several points in my career people have thought I was craaazy for making the choices I made.

But those decisions – which were far from perfect – resulted in a career that is joyful, peaceful, & fulfilling… and I want to share what I’ve learned along the way to help you feel the same in your career, too. 

I’m sharing the tough decisions, mistakes, never-before-shared risks, and triumphs that have come from living my Values in my career over the past 15 years…

so that you can learn about
of a joyful, peaceful, & fulfilling career.  

Whether you have:


This free + live fireside chat will inspire + empower you to make intentional, Values-based decisions that bring you JOY, PEACE, & FULFILLMENT during every step of your career journey.


>> Sign up for the LIVE Fireside Chat Here.*

>> Sign up for the LIVE Fireside Chat Here.*


* Note: This is a LIVE, free, online event. Once it has taken place, there will not be a way to sign up or participate.


PS – Life With Intention Online registration closes Friday, September 25th.



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  1. dawn@joyfulscribblings

    I received an email, but the link didn’t take me to the chat.

  2. Priscilla

    Has the chat started? I clicked on the link and it just says that the chat will start at 8:00pm.

  3. I’ve tried clicking the link in the email but it’s not working. Has the chat started? Thanks!

  4. Hailey Marie

    Hi Jess! I’ve refreshed the page several times since 5:00 (8:00EST) but no update, still says “see you then”… I am in California, and it’s 5:15pm now. Hoping it will start soon… before I finish this glass of wine 😉

  5. Molly

    Loved the chat last night! Thank you for everything you shared and best wishes in your upcoming classes! The whole idea of “shiny pennies” and learning that “doing” and “having” will never satisfy, remind me of a story in the Bible of King Solomon. He had anything he could have wanted in riches and he had risen to the status as king but he said it was all meaningless. His misplaced pursuits led him to know that these things would never satisfy. Only God could give him peace, purpose and hope! When I think of my Values and intentions based on those Values, they are centered around my “being” within my faith in Jesus. Awesome! I just wanted to share how your experiences are encouraging in me in my life and faith. Thank you for everything!

    1. It’s wonderful to hear you enjoyed the chat + approach to shiny pennies, Molly! Yes, I made sure that the LWIO approach aligns with universal themes within all major religions and spiritual paths. It’s awesome to know your faith is such an important part of your Values. Wonderful! : )


  6. So I know I’m super late on this, but thank you Jess !! I just watched it, and I loved it SO much. I wish I’d seen it before I asked all those career-centric questions in LWIO haha ! I hope one day I’ll be able to make one of these. Europe is super annoying for that, but in the meantime I’m so thankful you repost the videos once the live portion is done 🙂 Ps I know people have said it already but you’re skin looks really amazing in the video. <3 !

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