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The most compelling tip jar I have seen to date-
“Stimulate My Economy: Change I need”

Good morning! I apologize for the relatively infrequent posts over the past several days. Last Thursday I attempted to move my blog from Blogger to WordPress.org, and though it was successful, I have a lot of graphic and editing work to finish before it’s complete. So for the time being I recommend reading the Blogger version as usual.

While I was busy transferring info between blogs at Noble Tree with my amazing web guru friend, Tim, I snapped a few pictures of some awesome decorating ideas in the coffee house. Most items are free, if not easily found at your average flea market or garage sale.

My favorite: vintage chandelier with paper planes attached
Vintage snail mail tacked to the wall collage style (aka: reclaimed wall paper)
Coffee cups strung along a banister

Vintage windowpane with message

A bright pop of color on an otherwise ho-hum fireplace

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