focus and simplicity



This week I have been hustling with my regular workload while preparing for the San Francisco Life and Business with Intention workshops this weekend.

Since today is the last day I have to get everything settled until next Tuesday, I have quite a lot to jam into the few hours before and after my client sessions this afternoon.

Which means I’m taking Mr. Job’s advice and focusing on the top priorities and keeping things simple.


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  1. Whenever I talk to our technology leaders at work I walk away in complete awe and amazement at their ability to covey and explain problems that are highly complex, in simple form. It’s truly a skill.

  2. Alison Harrigan

    Hi Jess, just wondering if you could possibly make this into a wallpaper? I have a (tiny) Steve Jobs obsession (can obsessions ever be tiny?) and would love to use this as a full-size wallpaper on my computer. Thanks!

    1. I’m glad you like it! I don’t save the images after I make them so I think if I were going to this as a screensaver, I’d save it and upload it with a white background/border around the image in the computer settings. : )

      I hope this helps!

      1. Alison Harrigan

        Thanks – that’s what I did! Just was interested to see how it could be made full-size. Thanks for your response and love the blog.

        1. Yeah, it could look a little weird with a gold solid background since the mini quote size has a real image of gold that isn’t sized for wallpaper. You could always make one on photoshop or power point!

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