Over the weekend Mr. Lively and I somehow completely missed that it was daylight savings time. Which made for a bit of a confusing morning for me as I switched between my phone clock and digital clock.

What appeared to be a 45 minute nap turned out to be 1:45 long.

Anyways, the time change along with the springtime showers we have in Chicago are all signs of the changing season. Which  is a perfect time to re-focus on yearly intentions or future letters.

After re-reading my future letter I found that some of my intentions are well underway, like being grateful for my body, delegating at Jess LC, and reading (slightly) more frequently outside of work. And a few that I predicted no longer apply, like focusing career-wise on only Jess LC, consulting, and MML since the Business with Intention Workshops are going to be an important part of the mix very soon. In addition, I didn’t mention my intention to get a puppy (!) this summer with Mr. Lively.

But most importantly, I recognized one specific intention had the most room for improvement, growth, and transformation. That intention for me was reflecting throughout the day on my thoughts and continually re-focusing on a positive, thankful heart. I truly believe that if I can hone this trait in myself, I would have a transformational year.

Right now I’m good at having spurts of this, but to truly make this my norm would be incredible. So I’m re-committing to making this a daily focus for me this week.

I’d love to know what intentions or future letter goals others are focusing on this week!


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  1. I’m right there with you. Remembering to notice when I’m happy, and bring thankful and positive more consistently is high up there with my goals for the week.

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