follow up: what to do when you don’t your your purpose (yet)

Thanks for the awesome comments and email stories shared in response to this morning’s post, What to do when you don’t know your purpose (yet)! This week has given me some incredible insights into ways I can create some kind of class for MML in January and February. I’ll be sure to ask for more help with that over the next few months…

In the meantime, Janelle, a MML reader emailed me this incredible analogy and I think it could be helpful for anyone else who thinks they might be alone in the “dark” phase of their life as well.


Janelle’s Story: Lost in a Forest

I’ve been feeling pretty lost lately, and now I’m started to feel so inspired and ready to take action. It’s funny, after reading your post today, I started thinking…I’m feeling lost in life, so what if I were lost in a forest? (Sorry this is SO cliche, but the image works for me so I just went with it!) Would I just sit there and cry and complain and give up, and just plop down on the ground in that one spot and not move? I might, for a little while, but it clearly wouldn’t get me anywhere. I’d still be lost and confused and sad.

But if I just started walking, I would at least be attempting to get somewhere. I may move in the wrong direction, but I would soon find that out, and then just turn and move in another direction and try that path instead. Eventually, I would get out and be exactly where I was meant to be – but that would never happen if I didn’t get up and start moving – anywhere. I could sit there and hope for someone to show up and rescue me, but the chances of that happening would be very slim.

So I started thinking about this realistically and applying it to my situation with my life right now, and it totally made sense for me. I’ve been so upset for so long, but have just remained stagnant and haven’t attempted to go anywhere, in hopes that someone else would tell me what to do. I’m still not sure where I’m going or what to do, but I know I need to do SOMETHING, anything. And then I’ll start figuring things out.

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  1. sara

    I can really relate to Janelle’s story. I love the analogy – as much as I feel like I’m fumbling around and I don’t know what I’m doing, it’s amazing to realize that this is a familiar situation, just in a new time and space. I’ve been lost before, and I didn’t die from it, I eventually found my way out. I’ve been in the forest before, and I didn’t die from it, I eventually found my way out (and enjoyed the scenery along the way). I’ve been unsure of myself before, and again I found my way out of it. Changing the way I’m looking at this makes it seem so much more manageable.

    I really love the posts you’ve been doing lately, Jess! And I love reading the comments too. It’s so comforting to feel that while we’re each on our own individual paths, there are so many of us in similar situations it’s like we’re all walking through the same forest together.

  2. Laura

    This is my favorite post since I began reading MML about 6 months ago. I love your message & that has kept me reading even though I’m struggling to realize what “my” purpose is & what I can bring/share with others. It was nice to read that I’m definitely not alone in this question. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stephanie

    I was just introduced to this blog…and find myself completely captured by your insights. This post and the one just prior have really spoken to me, and I thank you so much for sharing. I’m looking for my purpose…I think it’s going to be a fun journey.

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