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foodgawkerToday seems to have a food theme and I’m okay with that. As I was drooling over the images of my dinner tonight, Natalie, a Jess LC lady, asked me about Food Gawker. I had never heard of the site, but my first visit certainly made me hungry. And my second visit inspired my treat of the week (pictures and recipe to follow). Definitely worth checking out (on a full stomach- otherwise you’re just teasing yourself).

On a less fattening note, are there any burning questions in the realm of small business or design? I intend to write a business advice piece for tomorrow and would be happy to address any topics that are on your mind.

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  1. Amy

    Thanks so much for posting this website! It has been making my mouth water all afternoon, and I can’t wait to use the recipes linked to all those beautiful pictures.

  2. Eva

    Business Question: Where did you learn to build your own website?

  3. Small business questions: When did you first decide that you needed employees other than your sales reps? How many did you start with and how many do you have now? BTW, thanks for all the excellent advice it is has been a God send.

  4. Jess

    @ Amy: I’m glad you like the site! It does seem like such an easy place to find some great recipes.

    @ Eva: I learned to build my website from a friend who taught me Dream Weaver. It is an Adobe program which is pretty easy to understand.

    @ Chic: Check out Tuesday’s post to find out the answers. I am glad you like the business posts!

  5. Jess

    @ Amy: Oh my goodness, I just checked the recipe photo (after eating dinner) and now I’m hungry again. I might have to try this myself. Thanks for sharing the goodness!

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