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download the full-size image here

The start of April brings a new wallpaper! I have to say, this background is perhaps my personal favorite so far.

This quote comes from a book I’m currently reading (and loving!) called Loving What Is. Though the book itself not new, it is one of the best spiritual books (though it’s not too focused on spirituality, per se) that I’ve come across lately.



Wallpaper designed by Joy Laforme for

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  1. Lauren Linster

    love it, as always!

  2. EmSewCrazy

    Ooh I’m really liking this one too! I like this quote as well.

  3. Carly

    Jess, thank you for the wallpaper…this is one of my favorite aspects of your blog/website 🙂

  4. Liz McAvoy

    Totally just made this my background — thanks for the inspiration, Jess!

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