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freegaragesalelogoWow! Wow, wow! So yesterday’s Free Garage Sale Day One left me with just three items left for grabs! Check them out in case they have your name all over them. Seriously guys, this is too awesome. I can’t wait to open this up to everyone’s exfoliations. Everyday people will be able to scroll through awesome items to get for free (excluding shipping) on Makeunder. Ah, it’s a dream come true for me.

If you want to get a head start on the Free Garage Sale action, send me pictures of your gently used goods and I’ll post them this Friday for the End of the Week Exfoliation and post them next week in the Free Garage Sale goodies.


Today’s Free Garage Sale theme is tops and shirts. I have a lot of these here so stick with me. And chime in if you see something (or several somethings) you need. The details of the sale are reprinted below.


8. Pink 3/4 sleeve v-neck button up sweater size small, 100% cotton Congrats to Katie!


9. EXPRESS brown plunging v-neck sweater with ribbed collar, cuffs and waist band, size small, Rayon/Nylon/Spandex Congrats, Jill!


10. Coral short sleeve top with layer fabric on bust area size small  (from Antropologie) Congrats, Nicole!


11. Gap stretch short sleeve cream/white sweater size small, cotton/nylon/spandex/acrylic Congrats, Melissa!


12. Zara navy blue long sleeve turtleneck size medium, Rayon/Nylon/Spandex Congrats to Katie!


13. L.O.G.G. (H&M) long sleeve oatmeal turtle neck size small, Wool/Nylon/Cashmere


14. Black 3/4 length sleeve shirt, size medium, Nylon Congrats to Lisa!


15. Peach Gap long sleeve sweater size small, 100% cotton Congrats to Lisa!


16. J.Crew long sleeve cream sweater with gold button embellishments ribbed collar, cuffs, and waistband, size small, Merino wool/Viscose/Cashmere Congrats, Nicole!

The [Free] Garage Sale Details

Here’s how the (super simple) process will work:

  1. When you see something you need, use, or love, post a comment including the item number(s) you would like. (The first comment wins, and you can pick multiple items!)
  2. I will email you directly to get your address.
  3. To cover the shipping costs of this massive Free Garage Sale, I am asking that each person sends me $5 (domestic shipping) via PayPal. And if you order more than one thing, it’s still just $5 per shipment, you won’t pay more.
  4. Once I get the $5 in PayPal, I will ship your Free Garage Sale items via the USPS First Class Mail.

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  1. Jill

    I might have to snag #9 (brown vneck)… I need some new sweaters for fall and this would look great with some layers!

  2. Nicole M.

    I’d love to snag #10 and #16, the coral short-sleeved shirt. I’ve been trying to update my wardrobe to include more simple but versatile tops.

  3. Megan

    I can’t wait to see the garage sale open to everyone! Today’s picks are great, good luck getting rid of everything!

  4. Melissa

    I’d love #11, the cream Gap sweater. It’d show off the girls nicely 😉

  5. Jess

    @ Jill: Congrats on the brown sweater!

    @ Nicole: #10 coral short sleeve tee and #16 cream sweater are yours!

    @ Megan: Send on over your pictures of items you would like to put up for ‘sale!’

    @ Melissa: #11, cream Gap sweater is yours!

  6. Kaitlyn

    Looks like the sale is a success! What a wonderful idea! I can’t wait for the farmer’s market tomorrow- I’ll see you there at 9:30!

  7. Jess

    @ Kaitlyn: Yep!!! I have two more guests coming this weekend so maybe we can find something I can make for them to eat :).

  8. Lisa

    Hi Jess! I would love #14 the black shirt and #15 the peach Gap sweater. This is so great, thanks for being so generous to us!

  9. Lora

    And what about the wonderful painting in the background? I need, love and want that for sure!!! 😉

  10. Katie

    I think this is such a fabulous idea — are #8 and #12 still available?

  11. Jess

    @ Lora: Nope, that picture is mine to keep!

    @ Katie: Sure, I’ll email you about shipping later today. Congrats on #8 and #12.

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