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I am sorry that this January’s wallpaper is coming two weeks into the month, but better late than never, right? To make it just a bit sweeter, I made two options this time. The first is more traditional MML wallpaper style, and the second, is a more artistic one using a faded photo I took of New York’s Grand Central Terminal’s ceiling when I was in New York City over the holidays.

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If you like them, feel free to download the full size white and green wallpaper or the Grand Central wallpaper. It’s my little intentional treat for you.

The quote itself comes from an MML reader on the MML FB wall from a few weeks ago. Thanks, Lisa V. for the quote and inspiration!

When she shared a Thoreau quote I knew it was the one for January. I’ve had a special relationship with my second History boyfriend (my first History BF is Benjamin Franklin), Henry David, since high school. Thoreau was actually my quote in my high school graduation book: “Once I forgot all I learned, then I began to know.”



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  1. Wow, I just realized that my quote ‘won’! It’s inspiration at it’s best. Thanks for sharing. It is now happily my background!

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