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I just got back from Austin last night after a great Life and Business with Intention weekend (more on that to come).

I had a fantastic time working with the workshop participants. Mr. Lively and I also enjoyed exploring the city during the evenings. I’m pretty obsessed with Mexican food and seafood, so we did our best to eat the two cuisines almost exclusively while we were there.

Magnolia’s Flaco Taco?

Pretty much changed my life. 

Now that I’m back in “the office” before a quick trip tomorrow, I am doing my best to unpack from Austin, re-pack for tomorrow, catch up on emails, and write some posts on organization.

Because it’s now June, we have a new wallpaper for you as well. This month’s free wallpaper feels incredibly cheerful, which is fitting for such a pretty month. Enjoy!


Wallpaper designed by Joy Laforme.


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  1. Emily

    Love this background, already have my computer set! Thanks!

  2. Ashley Laabs

    I’m such a sucker for prints like this. I already want to go on Joy’s Spoonflower shop and make a dress out of it (literally looked to see if it was there, but alas). But I should not be allowed to have another watercolor-y floral print dress on a white background…

    …I should totally have one of those cartoon wardrobes where it’s 100 outfits of the exact same thing. Sometimes I think a uniform would be nice.

    ::end of random tangent::

    Thanks for the wallpaper!

  3. Lauren Linster

    I swear, I change my iPad background every month because I LOVE these!!

  4. John

    Love the background !! You always have some amazing collection out there . Now, I want to decorate my room can you show me some wall mural designs

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