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download full-size wallpaper here {updated}


Though I have been running on a sleep deficit by coming into NYC last night right after the Boston Business and Life workshops with Jackie, I’m surprisingly awake right now.

I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m still buzzing from the amazing experience I had this weekend with the Boston workshop ladies (and gentleman). But I’ll share more about that tomorrow.

Today, I’d like to offer this free wallpaper based on last week’s post about being present and loving this moment.

(The flowers were styled by the lovely Allison for the workshops this weekend.)




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  1. Jacki

    Beautiful – and a nice spot of cheer for my work desktop 🙂

  2. Allison Whittemore

    This is perfect question to ask yourself throughout the day; now on view on my desktop!

  3. so glad to know that this buzzing sensation is an expected side effect of this weekend. Enjoy your time in NYC and thank you for one of the best experiences I’ve had – personally and professionally. It was so great to meet you!

    1. Jess Lively

      Aw, it’s great to hear you are buzzing, too! I am so, so happy we spent the weekend together.

      How did the ‘batch the crap’ go yesterday?

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