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When Joy sent over this October wallpaper a few weeks ago, I wasted no time in installing it on my computer several weeks ahead of schedule.

It is my favorite wallpaper to date, and I cannot thank Joy enough for sharing these beauties with us each month.

As for the quote, I discovered it in The Slight Edge. I think it’s a great message to keep in mind when our egos want to believe that we can’t do something because it’s too late.



Wallpaper designed by Joy Laforme.

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  1. EmSewCrazy

    Ooh so pretty. I like this quote too. It’s living on my desktop now too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. NatalieB

    Love it! My new desktop- thank you for sharing!

  3. 2blondie

    This is so perfect for me right now. Thank you so much!

  4. Lauren Linster

    Perfect, as always Jess. Although I think this one is my favorite so far. 🙂

  5. Jess, I set your January wallpaper — Wayne Dyer’s quote, “Our intention creates our reality” — as my laptop background in early January. It was just after I had received an amazing job offer after months of unemployment, and I felt that my focus, discipline, and intentions had set the stage for that offer. So, your January wallpaper was perfectly timed, and I’ve kept it as my background all these months, as a reminder to myself that if I set intentions and actually follow through on them as best as I can, then I can actually make things happen.

    Nine months later, I’m FINALLY going to change the macbook background! October’s wallpaper reminds me that my professional life is set (for now), and so I need to shift my focus back to my personal life a bit — to go back to picking up the things that I love so much, like writing (blogging) and photography, instead of waiting for the “right” time to restart those things. Thank you for the push, Jess, and for the gorgeous wallpaper designs, Joy — and for the inspiration that you both provide me! =)

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your journey, Yasmine!! This is amazing. You are such an inspiration. Bravo & just keep going!!!!!!!!

      1. Thank you soo much, Jess! So sweet of you. I just updated my blog again lastnight, which makes me feel so accomplished =) Highfive and bravo to you, too, for all your amazingness!

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