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Happy November! I cannot believe October has already come to a close. With this weekend’s Halloween festivities, that extra hour for daylight savings time was much needed. I used it for shopping, decorating, and my chevron project (more on that to come this week).

I’d also like to thank everyone who came to the trunk show at Macy’s on Thursday and Friday, it was so great to meet you all! I’ll be doing at least two more shows at Macy’s in the next two months, so stay tuned.

Pretty Office Organizer


As you can see, my desk is not the most functional in terms of storage for small items like rubber bands and paper clips. I’ve tried a few different ways to tackle this problem but I’ve never been thrilled with the results.

Until yesterday.


While strolling through my local TJ Maxx, I came across this lacquered jewelry box and knew it would be perfect for the studio. I’m going for a Regency Glam look in this space, so I love how the graphic detail on the front and shiny finish add an old Hollywood feel.

But the best part is, anyone can do the same thing with a new or used jewelry box. The little compartments make it perfect for organizing all of those tiny office supplies that generally get stuffed into drawers. Try it!


Ah, it fits right in. Now I intend to find some cool lamps for the desk….

To be continued.

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  1. Rebecca

    that is such a great find! when i looked quick, i thought it was a Tory Burch accessory LOL

  2. Abbie

    I wouldn’t have thought of that, but it’s such a great idea. The look is more glam than “oh, I got it at TJMaxx”!

  3. S.E.Minegar

    Cool idea. I did just the reverse in my bedroom. I took an IKEA desk organizer and turned it into a jewelry box! I guess tiny compartments are pretty versatile.

  4. shelley t

    i love this idea! i’m going to keep my eye out for something as pretty and practical – thanks.

  5. Eva

    Love the idea!!!! Since I basically live in my cube I am trying to make it more pleasant and this seems like something I could add. I will def keep an eye out for one of these! I love TJ Maxx!

  6. Jess

    @ All: So glad you like the idea. I think the classic lines of this one works really well doing double duty in an office environment.

    @ Rebecca: I totally thought the same thing myself about Tory. By the way, she’s a huge source of inspiration when it comes to style and business.

    @ S.E. Minegar: That’s a great idea too! Compartments are helpful, we’ve even used ice cube containers for jewelry in the past as well.

    @ Eva: Great idea for a more homey work space. I saw them in a robin’s egg blue and another color too at the TJ Maxx on Broadway.

  7. Eva

    I will have to go check them out! I went to Homegoods during lunch today but didn’t find anything ūüôĀ

  8. sunny

    such a great idea! I have that problem on my desk at work….and really have no solution…until now. I’ll have to check out TJ Maxx and see what they have!

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